Bemis Company Inc. has been honored with the Highest Achievement Award and six additional gold and silver awards by the Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) for three products. The winning entries are Molson Coors 12 Pack Cooler Bag featuring portable convenience, ConAgra Slim Jim Premium Smoked Sticks featuring textured film technology, and JBS-Swift Printed Ovenable Meat Packaging (OvenRite) featuring oven-safe technology.

The Molson Coors 12 Pack Cooler Bag delivers consumer convenience with a pouch that expands into a larger, reusable bag that can go directly into the refrigerator or cooler. This innovative package received the Highest Achievement Award for overall packaging excellence, significant attributes in all award categories and contributing most to the advancement of the industry. The Molson Coors 12 Pack Cooler Bag also received two Gold Awards for Expanding the Use of Flexible Packaging, and Printing & Shelf Impact, and a Silver Award for Packaging Excellence.

The ConAgra Slim Jim Premium Smoked Sticks package features textured film technology, presenting on shelf as an authentic and quality meat snack. This premium package received two Silver Awards for Printing & Shelf Impact and Packaging Excellence.

The JBS-Swift Printed Ovenable Meat Packaging (OvenRite) features fully printed technology with high quality graphics that can go straight from refrigerator or freezer to the oven. The package received a Silver Award for Technical Innovation.

The awards were accepted by William Jackson, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Bemis Company, and Chris Osborn, Vice President of Central Research and Development. The event was held in Scottsdale, Arizona on March 6, 2019. This year, 54 package entries were submitted for competition, with a total of 140 entries in all categories. Of these entries, 14 packages were honored with 26 FPA Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards. Learn more about the awards at