Cutting machine

Trief’s weight control portion cutting machine, Falcon conti, is fed continuously through a conveyor belt. Once the operator has placed the products on the conveyor belt, the machine — equipped with gripper, scanner and laser-guided product down holder — processes the meat. The special feature of this laser-guided device is that the down holder adapts to every product profile, meaning that goods are perfectly stabilized, regardless of their shape. The product fixing system, combined with state-of-the-art scanner technology (360-degree high-speed scan), leads to clean weight results when cutting on the Falcon conti.
Treif USA Inc.,
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The Vemag Forming Machine FM250 from Reiser is a flexible solution for high-speed forming of hamburger patties with a “homemade” look. A high-speed servo cutter and integrated flattener produce burgers that have a homemade look. Connected to a Vemag HP15 vacuum filler with an in-line grinder, the FM250 system provides high output and exact weights. It can be used with an interleaver, stacker, and high-speed shuttle to fill high-production freezers and ovens. An interchangeable forming nozzle allows quick product changeovers to produce various size patties, balls and other product shapes.
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Hyster Co. presents the Fortis line of lift trucks. Each Fortis® lift truck is offered with multiple powertrain configurations to meet specific application requirements and business objectives and to optimize productivity, dependability and cost of operations. The Fortis family of lift trucks, which covers a capacity range of 2,000 to 15,500 pounds, offers both cushion and pneumatic tire classes, with multiple engine choices consisting of gas, liquefied propane and diesel.
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Communications SYSTEM

CSB-System International has debuted Phonemaster™ Technology to help streamline communication between customer and vendor. The system allows for tracking of interactions, completion of calls and entering notes in an integrated solution. The planning can be based on individuals or calling groups. Each operator will be automatically guided to the next person to be called. On the inbound side, you can use Caller ID recognition. All supportive information during the call are readily available, such as last orders, promotional pricing up to accounts receivable information with the goal in mind to optimize productivity of the sales department.
CSB-System International,
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Belt Equipment

Ashworth has introduced the new one-inch pitch Omni-Pro 100. Omni-Pro 100 retains all of the patented design features of Omni-Pro 120. The machine has been tested to continuously withstand tensions of 200 pounds for over 100,000 cycles. It has a 360-degree rod-to-link “zero-tension” weld. Omni-Pro’s “protrusion leg” feature prevents the belt’s welds from coming into contact with spiral cage bars. The Omni-Pro 100 can be outfitted with reduced radius links to achieve turn ratios as low as 1.7:1.
Ashworth Bros. Inc.,
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Metal Detector

Mettler-Toledo Safeline has introduced its new HDS (Heavy Duty Sausage) Pipeline metal detector. The system is designed for full integration with leading vacuum filler machines and other process equipment. A single vertical gas strut makes the height of the detector head easy to adjust, and large castors provide mobility. The system’s user-intuitive color touchscreen interface offers simple setup routines and maximum inspection process control, and Ethernet connectivity allows for remote management and monitoring. The HDS Pipeline design can be configured to suit continuous, twister or clipper sausage applications.
Mettler-Toledo Safeline Inc.,
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CMS Flavorseal™ Barrier I Restaurant “Chub” Cooking Bags with bottom seal and sturdy handle have been created for commercial, high-volume restaurant operations. The bags have a durable, 3-mil layered construction and are fully boilable. The 2-inch-thick bottom seal with center handle makes lifting and toting bags easier and safer. Flavorseal Barrier I Restaurant Bags are boilable at up to 220 F. Foods can be reheated at the usual 185 F temperature for an hour, but can boil with no problems for several hours, even if accidentally left in the pot. The bags seal easily on any small, hand-operated sealer and work with any ring stand. The high-barrier bags meet the 2005 Food Code standards for reduced-oxygen packaging. Bags are available in pint, quart, gallon and custom sizes.
Carroll Manufacturing & Sales,
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Vector Packaging has information on its Vector 80 High Abuse Plastic Shrink Bags. Designed for bone-in case-ready meat and poultry products, these bags feature clarity and puncture resistance. Developed through proprietary engineering and extensive testing, Vector 80 resists punctures without bone-guard cloths, caps or boats, and eliminates patches and diaper wraps.
Vector Packaging,
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M&Q Packaging has introduced a nylon cook-in bag for ribs that can support 400-degree foodservice and consumer cook-in-bag processes. These proprietary YieldMaster® cook-in bags allow processors to vacuum-pack raw ribs and ship them ready to cook. The bags provide the same shelf life as traditional barrier bags; in addition, they also eliminate additional handling prior to consumer-ready marketing and reduce cooking time by up to three hours. All juice and fat stay in the YieldMaster bag until ready for caramelization on the grill, maximizing yield and eliminating any mess or cleanup for the consumer.
M&Q Plastic Products,
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Alcan flexible packaging for bacon manufacturers delivers machinability for high run speeds with no leakers. Proprietary film technology seals through grease. LaserTear® scoring and PeelRite® peel technology provide convenience and eliminate the need for knives. Ten-color printing enhances brand appeal and shelf impact. The company provides manufacturers with field technical support, customer service and a cellular service model that turns printed orders around in as little as two weeks.
Alcan Packaging Food Americas,
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CSB-System recently announced a new version of its least-cost formulation software. Using different material potential, such as protein content, fat content and other material attributes, the new system is more modular and allows multiple approaches to least cost formulation in the planning stages as well as operational production execution. The new system can be integrated into the CSB-HACCP module, so that lab tests for these attributes can directly feed the dynamic formulas on the production floor.
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Mulvany Attard has announced the launch of its newest software offering, WinFDS SaaS. The software package allows customers to decide which acquisition model works best for them — either the traditional model of purchasing the company's software outright, or “software as a service” model. SaaS appeals to those clients who prefer to pay for their software on a monthly, per-user basis. With completely open terms of agreement and the ability to write off the software as an operating expense versus a capital expenditure, significant savings can be achieved.
Mulvany Attard Associates,
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The new In-Motion CheckWeighing systems from Gainco provide high-speed, in-motion weighing of raw, bagged, boxed or other packaged red-meat products. With a box unit capacity up to 100 pounds, the weighing capability of the machine is accurate to +/- 0.04 pounds, 95 percent of the time, with “gap error” warnings embedded in the software. Accurate downstream distribution of the product is maintained by means of advanced communications from the checkweigher to various automated or manual functions downstream. The system can process 50-plus pieces (boxes and bags) per minute up to 30 inches in length.
Gainco Inc.,
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