Bird Barrier

Nixalite Premium bird control strips are made to protect property and the health of your clients from pest birds and their droppings. Made from 316 stainless-steel wire and strip, Nixalite is a physical barrier that prevents pest birds from landing, roosting or nesting on all types of surfaces. The strips are available in three models. With up to 120 points per foot, Nixalite Premium provides the gap-free surface protection. A flexible base strip follows curved surfaces and can be cut into custom lengths, while being installed. Patented mounting systems make for easy strip removal and reinstallation.
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Lane Divider

SpanTech LLC has introduced the High Speed Switch, a lane divider designed to split the flow of products while maintaining product pitch. The switch can receive a single line flow and switch it into two, three, or four lanes of output. Product flow can be split at high speed — SpanTech systems are capable of running at speeds up to 200 feet per minute. The High Speed Switch transports product on a series of sliding carriers. Standard carriers or optional raised-top carriers are available. Each carrier slides freely on a pair of stainless-steel carrier rods, which are supported between and driven by a pair of SpanTech’s MonoSpan® conveyor chains. Many configurations are possible, including 2-to-4 lane switching, sorting applications, and more.
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Alcan Packaging’s new Q® series film seals through marinade particulates, grease, salt and acidic environments, allowing processors to respond to consumer and retailer demands for convenient meal solutions in case-ready formats. The primary seal sets quickly at lower temperatures to prevent uncooked cuts of meat from searing during the packaging process, and the secondary seal allows processors to achieve film-to-film seal at fast speeds. The company’s self-manufactured Q film outperforms competitive coextrusions, with superior machinability that dramatically reduces leakers, outstanding “memory” for diminished purge and superior clarity for increased shelf appeal.
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The nutritional-value calculation allows automatic computation of the necessary nutritional components and ingredients lists of food products. The new module is integrated into the Recipe Management as part of the overall production module of CSB-System. Using standardized interfaces, you can import external databases, such as the USDA nutritional database, and assign the content to your ingredients. Based on the current recipe composition, the module calculates the nutritional values and the ingredients lists, and feeds it directly to the integrated labeling module of CSB-System.
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Truck refrigeration

Featuring Carrier’s patented Deltek™ diesel-electric technology, the Vector 1800MT unit is a radical departure from conventional mechanical refrigeration. It integrates a diesel engine with a high-performance generator and an all-electric refrigeration system to deliver outstanding reliability, longevity, performance and environmental benefits on the road. The Vector 1800MT system’s streamlined Deltek technology, maintenance-free electric components and heating capacity are important to Manitoulin.
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Display cases

Structural Concepts is expanding its existing Quick Ship program by introducing Express 3, a new service that guarantees three-business-day shipment of a select number of the company’s most popular refrigerated display cases. Express 3 complements the popular Quick Ship program. Both programs streamline the order-to-ship process by simplifying product ordering, modifying inventory control, and dedicating a staff team to make it all happen. A number of Oasis Refrigerated Air Screen Cases, Encore Combination Cases, and Harmony 32” D Combination Cases are included in the Express 3 program.
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Wire Belt’s new CompactGrid conveyor belt is engineered with 70 percent open surface area, providing optimal performance in processes where product coating, drainage, and liquid or air circulation are factors. CompactGrid’s flow-through capabilities will reduce the time required to heat up or cool down a product, therefore reducing energy costs. Increased open area also makes CompactGrid extremely easy to clean and maintain.
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The new ThermoDrive® Sprocket Driven Hygienic Vertical Scoop Belting now offered on Dorner’s AquaPruf family of sanitary conveyors, uses 55 percent less water during cleaning compared to other belts. Aiding in sanitation is the belt’s design, a homogenous thermoplastic composition with no pins, hinges or link joints to catch and foster bacteria growth. Engineered solely for food and other applications calling for a high degree of sanitation, the ThermoDrive Sprocket Driven Hygienic Vertical Scoop Belt reduces in-process bacteria proliferation and eases in-place cleaning.
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Products can be easily conveyed with the FastBack 260E horizontal motion conveyor from Heat and Control. FastBack quickly conveys heavy loads up to 20,000 pounds per hour as fast as 40 feet per minute. No frequent adjustments, flexure or variable speed tuning are required. FastBack is built for extreme sanitary duty. Its one-piece, stainless-steel pan and full wash-down drive eliminate messy belts and hard-to-clean surfaces. Low 70dB operation with product also makes FastBack an alternative to noisy conveyors.
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The Ishida IX-GA-65100 X-ray inspection features a 25.5-inch wide product conveyor and an inspection chamber that accommodates packages up to 10.62 inches tall (or 15.35 inches tall with optional safety covers). Warm-up takes 90 seconds. X-ray generator voltage of up to 100 KV thoroughly penetrates cartons. Choose from 0.6 millimeter or 0.9 millimeter spacing of line sensor diodes depending on your product needs. Product data and changeovers are entered on a 15-inch color touch screen. Ishida X-ray inspection systems are fully compliant with ETL and US FDA Title 21 CRF 1020.40 regulations. Built to IP65 washdown specifications, they are easy to clean and feature conveyor belts that can be removed without tools.
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Speed, product consistency and versatility are part of NuTEC Manufacturing’s 710 Forming Machine. The 710 provides weight control and product handling for a variety of products from beef to vegetables. The 710 Forming Machine operates with minimal wear and maintenance. NuTEC supports the machine with factory- direct service and a one year parts warranty. The 710 is operator-friendly and easy to use.
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The Model 620 Trimmer from Bettcher Industries is for poultry whole leg and thigh deboning operations. It transforms a dark meat product into a boneless portion while optimizing yield and avoiding the incidence of bone fragments. An enhanced-gear, mesh design contributes to smoother blade operation, while better proximity to the built-in steeling-device button makes the blade-steeling operation quicker and more comfortable.
Each Series II Trimmer handpiece features a contoured handle to reduce grip force and torque momentum.
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CMS Flavorseal® Bone Guard Shrink Bags offer high-abuse performance for bone-in fresh, cooked and processed meats. Bone Guard Shrink Bags are for heavy rub or spiced products, because the edge-to-edge coverage and high-abuse material greatly reduces leaker rates as well as the number of re-packs needed. The clarity and gloss of the film makes the surface easily printable with brand logos, cooking directions, and other information. Bags can be heat-sealed or clipped to accommodate any retail or foodservice application.
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Reach stackers

Hyster Yardmaster II reach stackers are designed to fit the most demanding material handling jobs and work with load capacities up to 101,000 pounds. Offering a tight turning radius, the Yardmaster II series allows maximum production with the least amount of effort. Built with a high-strength boom for lifting 91¼2- or 81¼2 -feet containers, five-high in the first row, the Yardmaster II series provides the dependability and strength for heavy duty container stacking applications.
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System management

The YieldPlus™ Debone/Trim Management System from Gainco uses product distribution and data collection systems with the technologies of Bettcher Industries’ Whizard® Series II Trimmers and AirShirz® air-powered scissors. Incoming product is automatically weighed and distributed to each operator for further processing and tracked by individual operator station. The system incorporates Gainco’s rugged DuraWeigh® bench scales featuring IP69K-rated Gainco Infiniti™ weight indicators.
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Vacuum packaging

The RA-200 Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine from Rollstock Inc. is an 111¼2 foot machine made for entry level packaging applications. The machine has a much smaller footprint than standard rollstock machines. The Advantage RA-200 features matched forming and sealing die tooling, one flying cross cut knife system, a vacuum pump with quick disconnects, a built-in trim removal system, and full PLC control. It is available in a variety of web widths, 285 millimeters to 459 millimeters.
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