1. Hillshire Farm debuts Deli Wraps

Sara Lee has launched itsHillshire Farm® has launched Deli Wraps, a quick and delicious sandwich alternative. Available in four flavor combinations, each Deli Wrap hand-held package contains all the ingredients necessary to prepare two fresh wrap sandwiches — anytime, anywhere.Hillshire FarmDeli Wraps are available in the following four flavors: Chicken Caesar, Turkey & Bacon Club, Smokehouse Ham & Swiss, and Southwestern Chicken.Hillshire FarmDeli Wraps are hassle-free, as all of the chopping and prepping of ingredients has already been done. Found in the lunchmeat aisle,Hillshire FarmDeli Wraps retail for approximately $3.99 per pack and are available in grocery stores nationwide.

2. Bell & Evans adds fourgluten-free products

Customers spoke, and Bell & Evans has listened, taking four of their most popular frozen convenience foods and adding them to its companion line of gluten free products. Bell & Evans now offers Gluten Free Garlic Parmesan Breaded Chicken Breasts; Gluten Free Breaded Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts; and Gluten Free Plain and Italian Style Breaded Chicken Patties, in addition to its Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets and Gluten Free Whole Chicken Tenders. Lightly breaded using a delicate rice and corn flour mixture that accentuates the natural chicken flavor, the Bell & Evans Gluten Free line of products offers the gluten-free consumer the choice of a nutritious meal in under 30 minutes. The distinctive Black Box’ makes consumer identification of these Gluten Free products easy.

3. Pilgrim's Pride rolls outbreakfast sandwiches

Having identified the need for a healthy breakfast product in thefast-growing retail breakfastsandwich category, the company has introduced Start Well, a microwaveable breakfast sandwich that’sperfect for today’s busy consumer. Four different Start Well breakfast sandwiches are being rolled out in early 2008: Start Well Chicken Sausage, Egg and Cheese English Muffin; Start Well Chicken Breast, Egg and Cheese Breakfast Wrap; Start Well Chicken Breast Pattie Biscuit; and Start Well Chicken Sausage Pattie Biscuit. Each of these products contains less fat and fewer calories than traditional pork sausage, and all are trans-fat free. Also, these products are the first to contain EggsPlus eggs from Pilgrim’s Pride, an economical source of Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids.

4. New burger line from Steak-umm Co.

Steak-umm Co. LLC is beefing up its well-known premium sandwich steak brand with a new line ofSteak-umm Burgers. The frozen, ready-to-cook, 1/3-pound burgers are made from USDA-inspected beef chuck, packed six to a box, andavailable in an Original version as well as Sweet Onion and Real Cheese varieties with pieces of onion or cheddar cheese mixed into each patty. The company launched the line with an aggressive awareness campaign that includes TVcommercials, sponsorship of a NASCAR Sprint Cup car withprominent Steak-umm identification, and a Steak-umm show car with a grill built into the trunk that will be available for store openings and special events.