Smithfield has expanded its popular Deli Thin Tub Lunchmeat with three new unique flavors: Holiday Season Ham, Maple Honey Turkey Breast and Rotisserie Flavored Chicken Breast, adding to its existing line of Cooked Ham, Honey Ham, Mesquite Turkey Breast, Black Forest Ham and Virginia Brand Ham. The Holiday Season Ham variety contains many of the spices found in Smithfield’s spiral sliced hams giving consumers the opportunity to enjoy that holiday ham experience all year. Real honey and maple syrup give the Maple Honey Turkey Breast its natural sweetness, and the Rotisserie Flavored Chicken Breast offers consumers a traditional slow-roasted taste.

Carl Buddigâ„¢ Deli Cuts certified heart-healthy

Carl Buddig™ Deli Cuts recently secured the American Heart Association® heart-check mark certification and logo to display on all product packaging, according to a release from the company. Products displaying the heart-check mark must be low in fat, saturated fat and cholesterol, limited in sodium, and contain at least 10 percent of the daily value of one or more of these naturally occurring nutrients: protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron or dietary fiber.

Products in the Deli Cuts line featuring the heart-check mark include: Oven-Roasted Turkey; Honey-Roasted Turkey; Smoked Turkey; Brown Sugar Ham; Smoked Ham; Honey Ham; and Rotisserie Chicken.

All seven Deli Cuts varieties are available in a new 12-ounce, press-to-close resealable package. Each of the packages provides consumers with six, single two-ounce portions for convenient portion control. Deli Cuts’ seven varieties have only 70 or 80 calories per serving and are packed with between 9 and 10 grams of protein.

Foster Farms re-introduces Savory Servings

Foster Farms re-introduces one of its most popular product lines, Savory Servings. The pre-marinated line of fresh chicken and turkey has been revamped to satisfy the schedule, budget and appetite of consumers. Savory Servings represents the highest-quality protein experience possible for about the same price per pound as the company’s premium, all-natural, boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Now with only all-natural marinade ingredients, 25 percent less sodium on average, and new versatile flavors, Savory Servings provides the inspiration for countless 15-minute creations. All protein prep work has been completed at the time of purchase, saving valuable time in the kitchen. Consumers need only cook the chicken or turkey, pair with sides and serve. Savory Servings chicken and turkey products are also low in fat and high in protein.

Winn Meat offers two new premium proteins

Snake River Farms American Wagyu Beef and American Kurobuta Pork join the growing list of fine proteins carried by Winn Meat Co., the Southwest’s premier purveyor of fine proteins, company officials announced. Snake River Farms’ Wagyu/Angus crossbreed features superior flavor and tenderness, and is 100 percent natural. It is a family-owned business that began more than a decade ago with a small herd of Wagyu cattle from the Kobe region of Japan. The Wagyu bulls were crossed with premium American Black Angus to form a proprietary herd that has developed into one of the finest groups of Wagyu/Angus cross cattle in the United States.

Niman Ranch launches Epicure Reserveâ„¢ poultry line

Niman Ranch announces the availability of a brand-new line of Epicure Reserve™ poultry raised following the French Label Rouge Program farming practices. Niman Ranch air-chills this line of poultry to preserve the integrity of the Epicure Reserve’s supreme flavor. The Label Rouge Program is considered the gold standard for naturally raised, premium chickens. Parent stock for Niman’s birds is imported from France, and Niman offers two heritage poultry breeds — all of which are born and raised in the United States — as part of the line: The Poulet Rouge Fermiere and The Pintade Fermiere.

Sara Lee launches lower-sodium deli line

Sara Lee® Deli introduces a new lower-sodium line of sliced-to-order meats including Oven Roasted Turkey, Oven Roasted Chicken and Honey Ham. The Sara Lee Lower Sodium line promises the great flavor traditionally expected from Sara Lee Deli without compromising taste, a key attribute as people look to make more nutritious decisions. This line makes it easier for consumers to maintain a diet lower in sodium, a key component to several healthy initiatives many doctors have recommended. The minimally processed products feature premium, whole-muscle meat with no fillers, and have zero grams trans fat and saturated fat.

Jack Link's unveils new Multi-Pack snacks

Making it easier for families to keep better-for-you, protein-rich snacks handy, Jack Link’s Beef Jerky introduces Multi-Pack snacks. Each Multi-Pack contains individually wrapped Jack Link’s meat snacks, which are convenient, portion-controlled options for on-the-go snackers. The new Multi-Packs are available in two varieties: Jack Link’s Original Beef Steak and Jack Link’s All American Beef & Cheese. The beef and cheese variety is a combination snack comprised of a stick of Wisconsin cheese and a Jack Link’s Original Beef Stick. Multi-Packs of the Original Beef Steak variety include 10 individually wrapped snacks, while All American Beef & Cheese Multi-Packs include eight portion-controlled packages.