CHICAGO – The Chicago City Council voted this week to overturn a controversial ban on serving foie gras, but not everyone is happy with the change.


The Associated Press reported that Wednesday's vote was led by Mayor Richard M. Daley, who called the ban the "silliest" ordinance the City Council has ever passed. The repeal measure passed by a vote of 37-6 with no debate, an about-face from the original ban, which passed in April 2006 by a vote of 48-1. The ordinance’s sponsor, Alderman Joe Moore, shouted his objections.


The animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals called the repeal a political maneuver benefiting the restaurant industry, the news service reported. The Norfolk, Va.-based group said the council's first "compassionate decision was reversed in a secretive, rushed bow to special interests that benefit from the cruel treatment of animals."


Alderman Thomas Tunney, who brought the issue to vote, told the AP that the sentiments of most Chicagoans was served.