CINCINNATI – Grocery chain The Kroger Co. has expanded a recall it began last week. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) said the chain is expanding the recall to include ground beef products in Styrofoam tray packages wrapped in clear cellophane or purchased from an in-store service counter at certain stores.

There are various "sell by" dates on the ground beef being recalled due to different Nebraska Beef production dates.

The following chart explains the range of "sell by" dates that customers should check:

Fred Meyer                   May 21-July 5

QFC                               May 21-July 5

Kroger                           May 21-July 3

Kroger Mid-Atlantic     May 19-June 6

Fry's                               May 21-July 3

Ralphs                          May 21-July 3

Smith's                          May 21-July 3

Baker's                          May 17-June 4

King Soopers               June 20-July 3

City Market                    June 20-July 3

Kroger in Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama and Knoxville, Tenn. are not involved in the recall of ground beef in Styrofoam trays or from in-store service counters.)

Customers who shop at Hilander, Owen's, Pay Less, and Scott's should follow the "sell by" dates listed above for Kroger stores. In addition to the ground beef described above, Kroger is recalling Private Selection Natural ground beef sold in one-pound packages that were in the self-service meat case. The "sell by" dates for this product is July 11 through July 21, 2008. The product was available at all Kroger stores (including Kroger Mid-Atlantic and stores in Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama and Knoxville, Tenn.) and Dillons, Fred Meyer, Baker's, Smith's and Fry's.

Kroger has expanded the recall due to new information provided by the USDA. This information links product produced by Nebraska Beef to the illnesses. As a precaution, Kroger is removing all ground beef supplied by Nebraska Beef during the dates provided by the USDA.


Source: The Kroger Co.