DES MOINES, Iowa – An American Orthodox Jewish organization has dropped its call for a boycott of Agriprocessors Inc., the nation’s largest kosher meat processor.

Uri L’Tzedek had called for the boycott of any business that carried Agriprocessors’ products on May 23. The company’s plant in Postville, Iowa was raided last month in an immigration raid. About 400 workers were detained by immigration agents on a range of charges, including being in the country illegally. There have also reportedly been allegations of unsafe conditions and abuse of low-paid workers.

Uri L'Tzedek said in a statement issued Tuesday that Agriprocessors' hiring of former federal prosecutor James Martin as chief compliance officer shows the company intends to take "significant steps" toward fixing its issues.

"If Agriprocessors does not implement Mr. Martin's recommendations or demonstrates that it is not committed to full compliance with all laws regarding worker safety, pay and rights, then we will once again raise our concerns with Agriprocessors and with the community of kosher consumers," the statement said.

Agriprocessors spokesman Juda S. Engelmayer said the company is committed to move ahead.


Source: Associated Press