NEW YORK – Chicken restaurant chain Chick-fil-A on Thursday became the latest chain to eliminate trans fats from its menu.

The Atlanta-based company reportedly said it changed its recipe for its waffle fries and breakfast biscuits to remove trans fat after two years of testing.

"When you begin to tinker with and adjust recipes, you constantly have to go back to customers," said Woody Faulk, the company's vice president of brand development.

The chain's chicken sandwiches, nuggets and strips have always been trans fat free since they are cooked in peanut oil, Faulk said. He added that the company's breakfast biscuits all will be trans-fat free by the end of the month once restaurants deplete their biscuit recipe supply.

One menu item will still have a small amount of trans fat. The company’s cheesecake has 0.5 grams of naturally-occurring trans-fat, Faulk said.

Burger King announced earlier this month it was removing trans fats from its menu items. KFC, Taco Bell and Wendy’s have been trans fat free since 2007. McDonald’s has reportedly said that it will transition in trans fat-free cooking oil for all products by the end of 2008.


Source: Associated Press