WASHINGTON – The National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) has condemned an undercover video shot at an Iowa hog farm by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

The NPPC said in a statement that the practices shown in the video are not condoned and are abhorred by pork producers. The organization also expressed concern that PETA did not alert authorities about the abuse in a timely manner.

“Providing humane and compassionate care for their pigs at every stage of life is one of the ethical principles to which U.S. pork producers adhere,” the NPPC said. “The mistreatment that took place on one farm in Iowa does not reflect the standards the pork industry follows in caring for its animals.”

The organization said the pork industry takes the well-being of its animals very seriously and offers many care and handling education-certification programs for producers and their employees.

It said the Pork Quality Assurance Plus Program includes on-farm assessments that help producers identify areas of production that need to be addressed before they become problems. This program has the support of leading animal scientists, veterinarians and retail customers.

“Measuring the standards of care on all farms is one way to help ensure that all animals in the pork industry continue to receive humane care and handling,” the NPPC said.


Source: National Pork Producers Council