Oscar Mayer launches new Lunchables line, new look

The Lunchables team is introducing a new line of Oscar Mayer Lunchables Lunch Combinations, which includes spring water and a number of firsts for the brand, including sub sandwiches and applesauce. The product line also offers the following healthful enhancements: 100% turkey breast meat and bread made with whole grain. The new Lunchables Lunch Combinations line is made up of six varieties including: Turkey + Cheddar Sub Sandwich, Ham + American Sub Sandwich, Turkey + Cheddar Cracker Combos, Ham + American Cracker Combos, Deep Dish Cheese Pizza and Deep Dish Pepperoni Pizza. The new line will be launched in an all-new, clear, snap-close package that uses recyclable sleeves, bottom trays and water bottles. This is the first appreciable change to the packaging in the brand’s 21 years.

Farmland Foodservice new pork neck bones add convenience

Bringing delicious, savory flavor to soups and stocks has never been easier, with Farmland Extra Meaty Pork Neck Bones w/Printed Labels. These products are pre-cut into smaller sizes, which offers maximum flexibility in back-of-house preparation, and saves time, hassle and the risks involved with in-house cutting. They are also extra meaty, which means the meat can be pulled off the bones after cooking and added back into soup or sauce for additional flavor. The 10-pound box also features a full-color photo label — which makes finding the right product in inventory a snap — and an inner, poly liner for reduction of freezer burn.

Niman Ranch offers several new value-added and fresh products

Niman Ranch, the largest network of U.S. family farmers and ranchers raising livestock traditionally, humanely and sustainably, announces the availability of several convenient, new, value-added fresh and prepared meat products for retail and foodservice purchase. The new products include fully cooked pulled pork with barbeque sauce, uncured boneless applewood smoked ham, retail ready fresh pork loin, and uncured Canadian bacon. All were crafted with convenience in mind while still adhering to Niman Ranch’s strict animal-husbandry guidelines and gold standard for producing the finest tasting meat in the world through traditional methods and the finest ingredients.

Nolan Ryan's All-Natural Beef introduces new packaging

Nolan Ryan’s All-Natural Beef is debuting new, smaller packages of fully cooked burger patties and mini-burger patties (sliders). The new packages will feature an updated look, resealable opening and lower price point, and will be available in the freezer section. The all-natural, 100 percent beef burgers are charbroiled using a slow cook process to create a juicy texture, then are flash-frozen to seal in authentic grilled flavor. The product is available in two sizes: four-ounce frozen patties and two-ounce mini patties (Sliders).

PM Beef's new retail program eases labor costs,improves efficiency

PM Beef has introduced a new, cost-saving Retail Ready™ No Trim program for retailers. Retail Ready No Trim primal cuts are delivered to beef retailers completely trimmed to exacting specifications, and are ready to cut and tray for the retail meat case. The new program reduces labor costs and potential for over-trimming, improving the profitability of the fresh-meat case. The Retail Ready No Trim program is available in all PM Beef customized branded programs, including PM Angus Beef and PM Natural Angus Beef.

Cargill makes pork variety meats available via its Rumba brand

Cargill has launched a new pork line of variety meat cuts under its Rumba® brand. The new Rumba pork products include ears, hocks, jowls, kidneys, neckbones, split front feet, stomach, tails, fatback skins, hearts and livers. Rumba is one of the first brands to focus on the multicultural customer, offering fresh variety meat cuts in U.S. mainstream meat cases. Like its beef products, Rumba pork variety meats are always fresh, never frozen cuts in a vacuum-packed clear package. Along with the pork launch, the Rumba brand has also expanded its beef cuts (adding flank and outside skirt) and revamped its Web site.

Seaboard Foods unveils pork loin for rotisserie ovens

Seaboard Foods has released PrairieFresh Prime® rotisserie pork loins as a rotisserie oven item for delis seeking to tap into the expanding ready-to-eat meal category. A patent-pending process allows the loins to cook up exceptionally juicy, tender and delicious in a rotisserie oven — something that has traditionally been challenging with the lean pork in today’s markets. These unique pork loin filets cook relatively quickly — an hour or less depending on the rotisserie oven — and will hold well for extended periods of time due to the PrairieFresh Prime® process, all while maintaining the nutritional traits of lean pork, as well as the flavor and tenderness.


Johnsonville Foodservice, Pierre Foods jump on 'mini' bandwagon

To help operators leverage the increasing demand for miniature menu items, Johnsonville® Sausage, LLC, introduces new Sausage Minis in two varieties: Mini Stadium Style Brats and Mini Italian Sausages. Only 3.5 inches long and 1.6 ounces each, skinless Sausage Minis can be heated for service in minutes, saving both labor and time. Like all Johnsonville Sausage products, Sausage Minis are made with the freshest cuts of pork, with no TVP (textured vegetable protein), fillers or cereals added. They’re packed frozen for storage convenience at two five-pound boxes to a case.


Pierre Foods is launching new Minis — bite-size sandwiches that pack restaurant flavor inside bakery fresh buns. New Minis are available in restaurants, grocery stores, vending machines, schools, stadiums, concert halls, convenience stores and hospitals nationwide, and are versatile products that are great for a variety of dayparts and mealtimes. Fully cooked and ready to heat and serve, Minis are available in 5 lunch twins and 3 breakfast singles in varieties like Cheeseburgers, Teriyaki Chicken, Boneless Beef BBQ, Breaded Chicken, and for breakfast, Sausage and Chicken Biscuits. The convenient format meets the needs of the “on-the-run” consumer.