King’s Command Foods Inc., Kent., Wash., offers premium meatloaf for rotisserie and take-home meals. Each case comes with 10, 24-ounce loaves, merchandising sleeves, 4-ounce glaze packets, clear lids and trays. Made with Certified Angus Beef ® brand chucks, the meatloaves retail direct from the rotisserie for under $10. Items not sold from the hot box can be merchandised in a refrigerated case for five days.

Remington Arms launches premium steak snacks

Remington Arms Co. Inc., home of America’s oldest gunmaker, and Chattanooga, Tenn.-based TrailSteaks, a provider of premium jerky and smoked meats, has entered into an agreement to launch a line of premium steak snacks. The complete line of Remington Premium Meat Snacks will include premium jerky, steak snacks and sausage sticks, including venison steak and turkey snacks.

New Perdue pre-sliced lunch meat variety

Perdue® Sandwich Builders® complete line of pre-sliced meats introduces a unique flavor: Oven Stuffer® Golden Browned Chicken Breast. The new variety is lower in sodium and leverages several benefits of the entire Perdue® Sandwich Builders® Sliced Meats line. In addition to consistent appearance and easy preparation, the line is conveniently packaged to make any business a creative sandwich powerhouse.

Cargill launches antibiotic-free pork brand

Cargill Meat Solutions announces Good Nature™ pork — the company’s new, all-natural, antibiotic-free pork brand. Good Nature pork is sourced from hogs raised on family farms in the Midwest, and never administered antibiotics, growth stimulants or hormones. During processing, Cargill maintains strict natural standards: Good Nature pork is minimally processed and contains no artificial ingredients. One of Cargill’s processing innovations for the Good Nature pork brand is the use of air-chilling, which helps ensure good color, tenderness and moisture for the end consumer.

Hormel debuts Chili Master products

Hormel Foods’ newest line of chili, Hormel® Chili Master™, is made with premium ingredients for a gourmet taste. With seasoned, slow-cooked tomatoes, a variety of beans and flavorful beef and chicken, this isn’t a standard chili product. Hormel Chili Master products come in a glass jar, and the chili can be heated in the microwave or on the stovetop. The line features six varieties: Roasted Tomato with beans, Chipotle Chicken with beans, Three-Bean made with beef, White Chicken with beans, Roasted Tomato no beans and Chipotle Chicken no beans.

Advance Food Co. introduces steak burger line

Advance Food Co. is excited to introduce Tenderbroil Steak Burgers, a new line of fully cooked, all-beef burgers. Tenderbroil Steak Burgers have a handmade texture and appearance and are charbroiled to provide that distinctive flavor everyone enjoys. Choose from an Angus Steak Burger, Steak Burger or a Mini Steak Burger. They all provide good bun coverage and hold well in au jus. Try Tenderbroil Steak Burgers and let your customers know they can satisfy their craving for a delicious charbroiled burger whenever they choose.