Independent Processor editor-in-chief Sam Gazdziak spoke with General Manager of Pederson’s Natural Farms Neil Dudley about the new products showcased at the Annual Meat Conference. 

Neil Dudley: I’m really excited to tell you about it. We’re here showcasing “Grab Life By The Bacon.” We’re coming out with a couple of fully cooked bacon options. One’s a snack and one’s a retail package. They can be merchandised, meat department, grocery, or even at the convenience store as a quick pick up item. We installed a new spiral oven, [and] that’s why we have these capabilities. 

We’re also showcasing another item called the meal maker. That is an opportunity for people to have short ingredient list, high quality protein to put in their kids’ lunchboxes or even for themselves. I like to take the classic, cut it in half and put it on a sandwich, and that’s what I have for lunch. 

We are really proud of ourselves at Pederson’s. We want to be innovative [and] to do things that bring value to the market.