Tyson Fresh Meats re-launches Star Ranch Angus

Tyson Fresh Meats, a member of the Tyson Foods Inc. family, announces the national re-launch of the Star Ranch Angus brand, a premium mCOOL Category ”A” Angus beef line, offering consumers a 100 percent guarantee and top quality, consistent eating experience. Along with the brand re-launch comes a new Web site, www.StarRanchAngus.com, geared toward the consumer experience. All Star Ranch Angus cattle are born and completely processed start to finish in the United States. Star Ranch Angus uses only “A maturity” Angus cattle, the youngest USDA-recognized maturity for cattle, to provide consumers with rich beef flavor and consistent tenderness.

Hormel expands Always Tender line

Hormel Foods has expanded its extensiveHormel®Always Tender® product portfolio to include three new flavor profiles, providing consumers with even more delicious options to solve the dinnertime dilemma.Hormel®Always Tender® products offer the same fresh, quality cuts of beef and pork one might find at a local butcher shop. Each product is pre-seasoned with a high quality, flavorful marinade, guaranteeing the meat will come out tender and juicy each time. The three new pork varieties are: Pomegranate Basil Pork Tenderloin, Mediterranean Herb & Olive Oil Pork Loin Filet, and Bourbon Maple Pork Loin Filet.

New turkey strips add versatility in foodservice kitchens

Convenient, simple and versatile,Perdue® Oven Roasted Turkey Breast Strips are fully cooked and individually frozen — grab what’s needed and serve in minutes for easy portion control. Add these turkey strips to healthy offerings in addition to other proteins. Turkey has a healthy perception and is a better value than beef. Plus, they add variety to menus — they are perfect for fajitas, pizzas, stir fry and limited-time offers.

Jalapeño Beef & Bean variety added to burrito line

El Montereyfrozen Mexican food introduces a new XXL Burrito flavor — Jalapeño Beef & Bean — perfect for the retail hot case and the hearty “Hot to Go” appetite. Each 10-ounce, individually packagedEl Monterey XXL Burrito features a variety of filling and seasoning choices — burritos or chimichangas, spicy or mild, with cheese or without. The Jalapeño Beef & Bean variety is the seventh flavor ofEl Monterey XXL Burritos/Chimichangas to hit the market.

Monogram races ahead with NASCAR-branded jerky

Monogram Food Solutions is bringing to the market a premium beef jerky that will bear the quality and reputation of the greatest name in NASCAR racing: Dale Earnhardt, Sr.The Dale Earnhardt Sr. Intimidator/NASCARJerky & Steak Strips are produced by Monogram using premium, whole-muscle strips of lean beef enhanced with restaurant-quality seasonings, promising a bold and consistent flavor.Intimidator/NASCARJerky & Steak Strips offer beef jerky fans the most tender and most flavorful jerky made in the USA.

Bone-in ham steaks released by Farmland foodservice

Ham steaks work great with breakfast, lunch and dinner, and there’s no better choice thanFarmlandSmoked Bone-In Ham Steaks. The bone-in presentation makes for an authentic, eye-catching look on the plate, and the special Farmland cure gives the ham a perfect balance of smoky and sweet flavors. The steaks are consistently sized and fully cooked, and come in 10-, 8- and 6-ounce convenient portions.

Bubba burger introduces mini-burgers

Walter “Bubba” Eaves, who originated the Original BUBBA that started it all, brings youBubba burger® Gourmet Bites™. These 3-ounce burgers are perfect for all occasions no matter how big or small the event may be, andBubba burger® Gourmet Bites™ are just the right size for a snack and are perfect for all parties. So if you love homemade burgers and you need to satisfy that little craving for aBubba burger®, then look no further than theBubba burger® Gourmet Bites™.

Source: Mintel and Bubba burger Web site.