Sausage Cutting
A sausage cutting system featuring two product transport and cutting tracks has been launched by German-based equipment manufacturer Inotec and is available in the U.S. exclusively through Nu-Meat. The WT 10 TWIN cutting system can double capacity for sausage separating effectively but uses only one operator. Due to the big cutting performance the WT 10 TWI N is also the ideal solution for sausage separation with limited space conditions in the packaging area.

Nu-Meat Technology: (908) 754-3400, or visit

OCS has developed the EC-Essential checkweigher, an economical model designed for standard market level requirements at a throughput of up to 150 ppm. Many of OCS’ high-quality standard components as servo drives and patented conveyor technology are included in the EC-E. EC-E comes with an easy to use 8-inch color touch screen, and line synchronization is standard. The system is available in three different weighing ranges helping to support flexibility for different conveyor size requirements.

OSC Checkweighers Inc.: (678) 344-8300, or visit

Stick Loader
Handtmann offers a new generation of sausage manufacturing automation with the Automatic Smoke Stick Transfer unit, model AST 340, that replaces up to two workers per shift. The high-volume, higher-reliability AST 340 automatically deposits smoke sticks and loads sausage loops into smoke house trolleys, completing the industry’s most efficient and flexible smoked sausage solution that begins with the Handtmann VF 600 vacuum filler and Handtmann’s PVLH 241 Automatic Linking line, introduced last year.

Handtmann Inc.: (800) 477-3585, or visit

Portion Cutter
The new PortionCutter from Marel, I-Cut Bone, is ideal for bone-in meat products such as pork loin and pork neck. Product is placed on the infeed conveyor and 3D-scanned to calculate the density of the product. After scanning the I-Cut Bone calculates where to cut in order to make optimal fixed-weight portions. The I-Cut Bone is capable of singling out each individual slice coming from the machine which opens the possibility for automatic packing.

Marel Food Systems Inc.: (913) 888-9110, or visit

Toilet Autoflush
The AutoFlush Tank ensures that toilets are always flushed and presentable. This wireless system uses a hands-free flushing system and promotes good hygiene by eliminating potential points of cross-contamination. Triggering the flush can occur by walking away or waving a hand near the wireless sensor. It will also help eliminate damage by handle kicking to flush by persons not wanting to touch the fixture.

Technical Concepts LLC: (540) 667-8700, or visit

Conveyor Belts
Wire Belt’s CompactGrid belt is hygienically designed to protect products, especially from pathogens and allergens. USDA-accepted CompactGrid is made of stainless steel with 70% open area, so there’s no place for harmful contaminants to hide. CompactGrid is specifically designed to replace hard-to-clean plastic modular belts. Wire Belt’s entire line of Flat-Flex belting products and CompactGrid are accepted by the USDA NSF/ANSI/3-A hygiene standards.

Wire Belt Co.: (603) 644-2500, or visit

Treif’s Divider 880 slicer is loaded automatically and, through continuous slicing combined with the SAS storage procedure, can slice at higher product temperatures. Up to four products can be cut simultaneously. Equipped with a smart tray feeder, it can be integrated optimally into a production line. The Divider 660 L processes products with a length of up to 1000 mm. The new Divider orbital circular blade slicer is suitable for entry into the slicer business.

Treif USA Inc.: (203) 929-9930, or go to

X-Ray System
Anritsu’s KD7447DWH X-ray inspection system is capable of detecting typical industry metal specifications of 0.8 – 1.5mm ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless metals in finished cased food products. The system uses advanced High Definition (HD) sensor and image processing technology to automatically and simultaneously detect contaminants, underweight conditions and other packaging anomalies. Applications include scanning for bone or hypodermic needle fragments in meat products and detecting metallic and dense materials, such as glass or stone, in food packages.

Anritsu Industrial Solutions USA Inc.: (847) 419-9729, or visit

The IntegraPeel peel-away packaging system from Curwood reduces costs associated with cumbersome adhesive labels while retaining brand identity and barrier protection. Engineered into Curwood high-barrier rollstock, IntegraPeel technology creates low-cost, high-impact on-pack promotions that differentiate the package at retail and add instant play-value. Ideal for peelable coupons, recipes, peel/reveal games or co-branded offers, IntegraPeel technology makes it easy for the consumer to instantly peel off the promotion, while leaving the package intact.

Curwood: (800) 544-4672, or visit

Fuji Impulse’s VG-402/602 Series Nozzle Type Sealers feature a built-in ONPUL Temperature Control System for high precision vacuum and gas-flush package sealing. The ONPUL controls heating temperatures by measuring them right at the heating element. The system’s low-profile temperature sensor comes in direct contact with the heater, preventing the temperature from exceeding the preset temperature, and allowing for hours of operation. The microcomputer controller enables operators to choose from and set 13 different sealing methods.

Fuji Impulse: (847) 236-9190, or visit

Feed Additive
Lohmann Animal Health International offers Zinteral, a feed additive that provides optimized zinc for piglets, pigs and sows. Zinteral contains zinc oxide protected in a special matrix which limits degradation by the stomach acid. Zinc oxide reaches the small intestine and can exert its protective function against pathogenic micro-organisms like E. coli as well as provide a nutritional zinc requirement. There are no negative effects as can happen with therapeutic zinc oxide levels.

Lohmann Animal Health International: (800) 655-1342, or visit