With Mepaco’s Model 6-6RG Re-Work Grinder, customers often report a 90 percent recovery of usable product and are amazed at the effectiveness in removing unwanted bone and connective tissue. The Model 6-6RG features a unique feedscrew design with very low volume. Bone chips and connective tissue are effectively removed with minimal temperature rise through Mepaco’s unique bone collection assembly.

Mepaco: (920) 356-9900,
or visit

Hollymatic’s 180A Mixer /Grinder features high-speed production, superior mixing capabilities, and an easy-to-clean design. All of these features add up to a machine that produces a superior grind of meat with little or no risk of cross-species contamination. Featuring a 225-pound hopper with a counter-balanced safety interlocked lid, Hollymatic’s 180A provides the best in high-speed ground meat production. A stainless steel “Figure 8” mixing paddle blends fat to lean faster and easier.

Hollymatic: (708) 579-3700,
or visit

Conveyor Belts

Ashworth now supplies either metal or plastic belts for both “lotension” and self-stacking spirals, making it easier for customers to order and get support for every type of spiral belt. Ashworth offers a comprehensive line of lotension spiral belts, and ExactaStack, a drop-in replacement belt for self-stacking spirals. Ashworth’s offerings give customers an efficient one-source supplier solution. Ashworth’s lotension spiral belts include the stainless steel Omni-Pro and Omni-Flex, plus the plastic Advantage.

Ashworth Bros. Inc.: (800) 682-4594,
or visit


Sealed Air’s Cryovac trap printed film for high-speed liquid packages provides processors, retailers and foodservice operators an opportunity for enhanced merchandising and branding. The film is capable of producing finished packages from 3 to 24 ounces for sauces, glazes and gravies to accompany meal kits or meats. The only high-quality printable material designed to run on high-speed Onpack VFFS systems, it is created with multi-layer coextruded films laminated with print between the layers.

Sealed Air: (800) 391-5645,
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M&Q Packaging has introduced Yieldmaster High-Temperature Cook-In Bags, which will withstand 400 F temperatures during foodservice or consumer cooking processes. These high-temperature cook-in bags decrease preparation and clean-up time; reduce overall cooking time by 33% to 50%; cook the meat properly in its own juice, while keeping it moist; prevent protein adhesion to the bag, leaving the meat in place throughout the cooking cycle; and, maintain the integrity of the processor’s original recipe.

M&Q Packaging Corp.: (800) 600-3068,
or visit


EC-ESSENTIAL was a major draw for visitors of OCS Checkweighers’ booth at the recent Pack Expo. This new checkweighing model is the perfect match to meet basic checkweighing needs at a new standard. It runs up to 150 ppm, is equipped with Wipotec’s EMFR high-tech weigh cell and features components usually only seen in high-end checkweighers. OCS Checkweighers also exhibited the HC-WD series for wash down applications and HC Avantgarde – a high-end checkweigher.

OCS Checkweighers: (678) 344-8300,
or visit

Control Unit

The Handtmann Communication Unit, driven by comprehensive automated data capture and reporting software, collects all relevant real-time process information from item-specific variations to operator handling differences, enabling anomaly assessments and optimization analysis for Handtmann vacuum filler stuffing lines. It can deliver immediate cutting-edge management control with traditional Handtmann lifecycle value. The new HCU offers innovative management views into real time operating data, flexible information sorting and trending options, and customization to accommodate plant and line differences.

Handtmann Inc.: (847) 808-1100,
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Forming Systems

Formax is bringing its Maxum700 forming system to IPE and will offer its Executive Series White Paper that reveals how to maximize product texture, appearance and productivity with whole muscle poultry. Formax has enhanced its whole muscle forming capabilities with three fill systems, three water spray systems and the natural look of True-Sculpt. These improvements enable processors to benefit from the superior versatility, productivity and texture and better satisfy their customers with lower ownership costs.

Provisur Technologies | Formax: (708) 479-3500, or visit

NuTEC’s Automatic Direct Depositing and Tray Indexing Conveyor is configured to run with its 720 Food Forming Machine. When set up with the 720, the Tray Indexing Conveyor efficiently portions and deposits patties directly into trays at speeds of up to 65 trays per minute or even fillings onto tortillas. Designed specifically for small to medium processors, NuTEC’s completely hydraulic 720 Forming Machine is versatile enough to run beef, pork, poultry, seafood, and more.

NuTEC Mfg.: (815) 722-2800,
or visit

Meat Processing System

Marel’s Streamline is an integrated meat processing system for beef products that features proven, innovative technology to deliver improved production efficiency, higher yields and throughputs. Primals are distributed to work stations and deboned, trimmed and skinned, according to individual specifications indicated at each operator terminal. They are then automatically bagged on a Sealed Air RoboLoader. Trim from the StreamLine runs through the new SensorX fat analyser where x-rays measure the fat content of the trim.

Marel Inc.: (913) 888-9110,
or visit

Metal Detection

Advanced Detection Systems offers its new ProScan Max metal detection technology. The ProScan Max patented technology monitors and compensates for production conditions that effect sensitivity performance. Working in real time, the computer compensates for the effects of conveyor and floor vibrations caused by forklift traffic, product impact, along with the shaking effects caused by reject mechanisms and other processing equipment.

Advanced Detection Systems:
(414) 672-0553, or visit

X-Ray System

Eriez’ E-Z Tec X-Ray Inspection Systems can identify contaminants, scan for missing or damaged product, detect packing voids and confirm fill levels. Eriez’ automated X-Ray systems employ advanced linear array technology for superior sensitivity and speed. They provide real-time analysis of dairy products, packaged foods and other goods requiring the highest levels of product integrity. Systems detect unwanted metals, stone, glass, bone and some plastics.

Eriez: (888) 300-3743,
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Friedr. Dick offers flexible ham knives that can slice effortlessly and easily but safely through a whole ham. The flexible blade lies directly on the bone, separating the best meat perfectly. Sharp, long blades carve hams into fine slices. The flexibility of the blades and special polishing of the edge allow even novices to achieve good results very quickly. Ergonomic, functional handles give a good grip for precise carving and effortless work.

Friedr. Dick:
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Supplier News

Mike Minock, a veteran of 22 years in the meat and cheese slicing industry, has joined Weber's North American sales team as Key Account and Product Manager. Minock will manage and further develop Weber's relationships with many high-volume processors and also help direct Weber's development of new and growing partnerships with bacon processors. Minock spent more than two decades with slicing equipment customers of Formax and Cashin. He will remain based in the Chicago area where he can quickly respond to solution needs from coast to coast.

VC999 is celebrating its 25th anniversary as one of the world's most successful designer and manufacturers of vacuum packaging machines. Its operations continue to grow with a recent 40,000-square-foot expansion of its Kansas City, Mo., production facility, several new products introduced in the last year and a continuing emphasis on manufacturing in the United States.

"VC999 is committed to our customers and our operations here in the U.S.," said Silvio Weder, president. "Our first 25 years in North America have been very good, and we're looking forward to building on our successes in the next 25 years."

The Food Processing Suppliers Association has entered into a formal alliance with Messe Düsseldorf GmbH to increase the international reach of FPSA's PROCESS EXPO as part of Interpack's worldwide products family.

"This partnership will significantly increase PROCESS EXPO's presence in the international market, where Messe Düsseldorf is a leader within the processing and packaging trade show arena," stated Scott Scriven, chairman of FPSA. "With seven international subsidiaries and 68 foreign representatives worldwide supporting Messe Düsseldorf in 127 countries, PROCESS EXPO will have unprecedented access to new markets."

Messe Düsseldorf will contribute to booth space sales as well as promote attendance to food processors around the globe.

Dr. Kohl Schrader has joined Devro Inc. as a technical marketing specialist. Schrader recently received her Doctor of Philosophy degree in Meat Science from Iowa State University, where she also obtained her Bachelors of Science degree in Animal Science. While at Iowa State University, her research focused on "Improving the control of Listeria monocytogenes on uncured, no-nitrate-or-nitrite-added meat products."

Schrader brings to the position extensive practical experience in the production of processed meats, meat technology and product applications, food safety and HACCP food safety systems.