Evolutionary success

The Cozzini Posi-Feed series emulsion/reduction unit is one of the ewest solutions offered by Cozzini Group.

Satisfied customers of Chicago-based Cozzini Group, which is under the leadership of its dynamic and innovative CEO, Ivo Cozzini, will testify that the brand name Cozzini is synonymous to innovative design, technological advances, and responsive service. The company’s state-of-the-art meat and food reduction and emulsion systems outperform all other processing equipment, company executives quickly point out, leading the way with superb quality, versatility, and control.
Never resting on its oars in the area of new product development, Cozzini introduces its new Compact Posi-Feed (CPF) series emulsion/reduction unit. The CPF system assures the same consistent quality and throughput as Cozzini’s well-known VS and CS series emulsion/reduction systems. The low-profile CPF features a 500-pound (230 kg) capacity hopper with a variable-speed feed pump. The variable-speed feed pump feeds the Cozzini MultiCut emulsion/reduction cutting head. The CPF fits directly under the discharge of a mixer/blender or bowl chopper.
Features include:
  • Continuous or batch production
  • Variable-speed feed pump provides complete control of product texture and temperature.
  • Self-adjusting desired outlet temperature control.
  • Cozzini MultiCut 7-inch diameter (180 mm) single or double plate/knife cutting system.
  • Allen-Bradley touch-screen, operator-friendly controls.
    Compact design and portable.
  • USDA-accepted — and CE-approved. Built in conformity with AMI-sanitary equipment design principles.
Finding business solutions
From small, local businesses to large, international companies, Cozzini Group advisors build plans and find solutions on a customized basis by providing:
  • Food Technology Services — Product development, process development, and new product development services
  • Sales Support Services — Project assessment, turn-key systems, and project coordination
Cozzini Group engineering and design focuses on building equipment and systems that follow a customer’s unique specifications. Company professionals address all phases of development — from concept generation through final production. From conceptual design projects to sustained innovation programs, Cozzini Group distinguishes itself through its creativity, quality, and teamwork in systems layout, system synchronization, and custom equipment design.
Another way the company provides a powerful competitive advantage is by keeping customers at the forefront of technological advancement. Cozzini Group technology services food-processing solutions utilize product-line optimization, equipment automation, systems integration, as well as data acquisitions and tracking systems.
Cozzini Group installation professionals bring the experience and technical expertise to manage complex installations around the world. Cozzini installation service choices range from system set-up-and-test to comprehensive installation and training. On-time delivery, project management,  implementation,  and training are the keystones of the installation process.
Customer care begins with an around-the-clock commitment to answering questions and responding to customer needs. Whether you’re a business owner requiring fast problem resolution or a technician looking for engineer-to-engineer access, Cozzini Group provides the advanced level of support needed — whenever it’s needed. From replacement parts and account information to same-day response and on-site support options, Cozzini Group is dedicated to giving customers the level of support and service needed for all equipment.

Cozzini Group, phone (773) 478-9700 or (800) 227-4447, fax (773) 478-8689, e-mail sales@cozzini.com, or log on to www.cozzini.com