Record Keeping
A number of improvements have been made to DeltaTRAK’s line of In-Transit Temperature Records, Model Numbers 16000 through 16403. The new package design, with high-gloss printing, alters the protective cardboard wrap so that it now has open ends. The clear housing enables QA managers at the customer’s location to easily find and do visual spot checks on the internal mechanisms of the units. DeltaTRAK’s own QA Department will have already checked several parameters on these units as part of their quality control procedures.
DeltaTRAK, phone (800) 962-6776, or visit
Cook King’s Nester conveyor allows processors to increase the belt loading from 12-to-20 percent, depending upon the size of the patty. The processes take every other row of patties, as they exit the patty machine, and shift them a half a patty to the side. The next row shifts back to the opposite direction. The rows can then be moved forward into the void created by the previous row, allowing for more rows of product on the belt.
Cook King, phone (949) 497-1235, or visit
Factory Direct Outlet’s vacuum mixer, with the latest technology and double the mixing capabilities, works with The Unger Grinder and The Separation System to give products good color stability and more water intake. Presently, about 100 percent of European meat packers are using the Unger System.
Factory Direct Outlet, phone (905) 728-6434, or visit
ID Technologies new IDT 250r printer applicator for RFID applications has the ability to read, write, verify, and apply RFID tags in top, bottom, and side label applications. The IDT 250r printer applicator features the same modular component configuration as the original IDT 250 Series printer applicator, as well as, “hot swap” spare assemblies that install in minutes.
ID Technology, phone (817) 626-7779 Ext. 146, or visit
Weber Marking Systems introduces its exclusive Alpha V40 label applicator that automatically peels labels from its supply roll, then gently but firmly affixes them to products or packages as they pass by on a conveyor line. The unit applies labels up to 4.72 inches wide and 98 inches long at speeds up to 210-feet per minute, with 0.04-inch placement accuracy. The Alpha V40 can be oriented to apply labels to the side, top or bottom or products, and is available in both right- and left-hand configurations. Its powerful stepper motor helps provide system control and dependable labeling accuracy.
Weber Marking Systems, phone (847) 364-8523, or visit
Zip-Pak latest zipper complements its new pouch-making technology that increases production speeds for zippered stand-up pouch. The new Pouch King from R.A. Jones & Co., Inc., combines Jones’ proprietary rotary sealing turret technology with Zip-Pak’s press-to-close zipper to product resealable stand-up pouches.
Zip-Pak, phone (815) 468-6500, or visit
R.A. Jones & Co., Inc., phone (839) 341-0400, or visit
Thompson Scale Co. introduces its Sonic 350 Dual-Lane Small Package Checkweighers that provide additional weighing options and increase productivity by utilizing a second parallel conveyor belt for weighing more packages. The controllers for these checkweighers can hold 75 unique product setups in memory and display useful information on production as each unit crosses the scale. The checkweigher controller offers either English or Spanish menus in full sentences.
Thompson Scale Co., phone (713) 932-9071, or visit
Perfect Fit Glove launches its new PowerCoat line of general purpose PVC, nitrile, neoprene, and natural latex supported gloves. Featuring a liquid-proof shell, PFC gloves from Perfect Fit protect hands from messy jobs. A patented dipping process makes the PowerCoat PFC glove one of the most flexible on the market. The gloves are designed with a rough finish for superior grip in all conditions, while a seamless cotton liner maintains flexibility and comfort for precise or repetitious jobs.
Perfect Fit Glove Co., phone (800) 245-6837, or visit
TNI Packaging, manufacturers of the pre-tied covered elastic loop for typing rotisserie chicken, has been awarded U.S. Pat. 5816905 for colored enhanced CHICKEN TUCKERS. The new color CHICKEN TUCKERS are also being widely used on bacon wrapped filets, tamales, and many other food products that require typing. All TNI products meet USDA, FDA, and CFIA requirements.
TNI Packaging, phone (800) 383-0990 x 111
ALTO Cleaning Systems’ POSEIDON 7 is a mobile, cold-water, electric-driven, high-pressure washer ideal for use in all food applications. In addition to a stainless steel frame, the POSEIDON 7 features the long-life C3 pump, which is specifically designed to tackle heavy-duty cleaning applications. The POSEIDON 7 comes standard with a three-step, automatic start/stop. The unit can be used in auto mode (with a 20-second delay), or in a manual mode that enables suction from wells or an external water tank.
ALTO Cleaning Systems, phone (877) 366-2586, or visit
Vilter Manufacturing Corp.’s new brochure compares operating features, energy savings, and maintenance costs of single-screw versus twin-screw compressors. The brochure includes comparisons of 11 operating parameters, including Part Load Efficiency, Thrust Loads, Radial Loads, Compressor Speed, Bearing Life, Sound Level, Warranty, and more. It also features an energy comparison chart that demonstrates the typical annual energy savings of a single-screw compressor verse a twin-screw compressor.
Vilter Manufacturing Corp., phone (414) 744-0111
People news
FKI Logistex Real Time Solutions names Jeff Runnion as its Midwest regional sales manager. With more than 22 years of experience in the field, Runnion will manage Real Time Solutions sales in Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio.
Purex International names Paul Schoefield as a customer support – applications engineer. Schoefield has gained engineering experience during his time with the Royal Navy, GEC Marconi, and BAE Systems.
Gainco appoints John Chiarella as regional sales manager. Chiarella will be responsible for managing customer relationships and further developing the markets in Latin America and the Caribbean. He will be based in the Gainesville, GA, facility.
Seaga Manufacturing welcomes Vicki Toepfer to its accounting department. Toepfer’s responsibilities at Seaga include general accounting duties encompassing ledger reconciliation, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and more.
Supplier news
International technology group Andritz has signed an agreement to buy the Filtration Business Unit of Germany-based NETZSCH Group. The acquisition is subject to the approval by antitrust authorities and is scheduled to close in July 2004. The NETZSCH Filtration Business Unit supplies different types of dewatering units, in particular filter presses, for solid/liquid separation in industrial and municipal applications. With this acquisition, the Andritz Group enlarges its system know-how in the Environment and Process Business Area. Andritz will take over locations of the NETZSCH Filtration Business Unit in Germany, Slovakia, Brazil, Singapore, and India.