Temperature Logger
Dickson’s Midsize Display Temperature and Temperature/Humidity Data Loggers (SM300/TM320/TM325) now feature +/-0.8°F temperature accuracy, making them Dickson’s highest accuracy loggers with a display. The loggers also feature: min/max jumbo display, super high-speed USB 2.0 connectivity, one-step data transfer using removable SD Flash memory cards, one-second sample rate, and data storage of 32,00 sample points.
Dickson, phone (800) 323-2448, or visit www.dicksonweb.com
The Packaging Group’s The Keys to Successful Retort Pouch Processing will run October 27 and 28 at the Radisson Hotel in Princeton, NJ. The two-day seminar will teach attendees how to successfully produce retort pouches — the runaway success in packaging tuna, pet food, meats, meals, and more. Thermal processing will be taught by Dr. Magdy Hefnawy; quality assurance will be detailed by Robert Laing; and materials will be conducted by Dennis Carespodi.
The Packaging Group, phone (732) 636-0885, or visit www.packaginggroup.com
Air Products’ FreshlineTM tumbler freezers are designed to meet the evolving demands of the food processing industry. Using an innovative process configuration, the FreshlineTM tumbler freezer harnesses the speed and economy of liquid nitrogen cooling to create food products enrobed with a variety of sauce or mixtures. The FreshlineTM tumbler freezer incorporates state-of-the-art automation that provides efficient operation and process control to minimize batch-to-batch variability. Its modular and automated features make the implementation of this technology straightforward for food processors. And from an operational perspective, the semi-automated cleaning cycle of the unit can be integrated within the overall production schedule to maximize on-stream time.
Air Products, phone (610) 481-7461, or visit www.airproducts.com
Shat-R-Sheild now offers extended-life replacements for standard T8 fluorescent lamps. These lamps provide up to 20 percent longer life, higher initial and maintained lumens, improved color rendition, and longer relamp periods compared to conventional T8 lamps. In addition to providing high lumen output, increased CRI, and extra-long service life beyond normal fluorescent lamps, the skin tight coating will contain virtually all glass, phosphors, and mercury in case the lamp is accidentally dropped or broken with no risk to employees, customers, products, or equipment.
Shat-R-Shield, phone (704) 442-9100
Birko Corporation’s EMECH flow control valve system provides precise water temperature for process and cleaning applications. The system consists of a stainless steel valve body and an electronic actuator with stepper motor. The EMECH system aggressively controls water temperature variation to within +/- 0.9°F, regardless of inflow temperatures and pressures.
Birko Corporation, phone (800) 525-0476, or visit www.birkocorp.com
The ANDEROL® 6000 Food Grade Lubricant Series provides food processors with high-performance PAO-based products that ensure brand quality through enhanced equipment performance.  Engineered by ANDEROL® Inc.’s, the 6000 Series meets the food safety standards for H-1 “incidental contact” and FDA CFR 178.3570.  These lubricants also meet the requirements for NSF, AQIS, Halal and Kosher certifications and can be used for an array of rotating equipment applications. These lubricants are engineered with fully optimized PAO-based synthetic hydrocarbons and ash-free additives to increase drain intervals and extend the life of critical gear and bearing components.
Additional benefits include increased oxidative stability, minimal gumming and discoloration in extreme conditions, optimized rust inhibition and excellent anti-wear properties.
ANDEROL, visit www.anderol.com
Wirebelt introduces patented C-CureEdge, unique open-mesh, stainless steel wire belting, specially designed to increase productivity and enhance safety in the production environment. C-CureEdge’s closed loop ends offer faster installation and repair time while continuously minimizing the risk of accidents caused by sharp open ends. Wirebelt’s cost-effective C-CureEdge belts reduce downtime by minimizing conveyor-to-conveyor snags and tangling during shipping, storage, installation, repair, and day-to-day operation. The patented design’s extra measure of flexibility enhances belt life by decreasing individual strand stress on the outside edge of the belt and diminishing conveyor damage caused by loop end irregularities.
Wirebelt, phone (800) 922-2637, or visit www.wirebelt.com
Floor Patching Compound
Floor Savers™ floor patching and repair products from Devcon are epoxy/concrete compounds that can be applied by plant maintenance personnel. With adhesion to a variety of substrates, they cure at room temperature and achieve compressive strengths of 8000-9000 psi — over three times the typical strength of concrete. Easily trowelable to a smooth, nonporous finish, these durable compounds provide excellent resistance to water, oils, solvents, and alkalis. Their nonsagging formulations will not run or drop when used on vertical or overhead applications.
Devcon, phone (978) 777-1100, or visit www.devcon.com