Birko’s new Generated Chlorine Dioxide Systems can be Used for Odor Control, Sanitation, and Water Purification Applications. an Exclusive Generation System Eliminates Conventional “vacuum Draw” for Outstanding Consistency, Accuracy and Practical Yield. Generators With Capacities From 20 Lb./day to More Than 1,000 Lb./day are Available. the System Includes Three Emec Positive Displacement Metering Pumps, and Emec orp Controller With 4 – 20 ma Output, a Goulds Booster Pump, and Eductor and Polypropylene Stand With Related Piping. Controls Include an Idec plc System With 6-inch Color Touch Screen, a Partlow Single pen Chart Recorder, and a Water Pressure Transducer.
Birko, phone (800) 525-0476, or visit

, manufacturer of a full line of premier commercial refrigeration systems for 65 years, unveils the new MRS series modular multi-compressor refrigeration system to save energy and reduce in-store heat and noise in quick serve restaurants, convenience stores, hotels, and other foodservice operations. Each MRS system is composed of individual modules. Each module includes a compressor with refrigeration components pre-piped to its own modular condenser. The MRS can house up to 14 modules. MRS units are pre-wired to an electrical panel for one-point connection. The compactly stacked condenser modules are designed for 110°F temperatures, but are also protected in cold weather conditions by integrated low ambient components, including head masters and crankcase heaters. The system’s stainless steel housing provides further protection from the elements.
Master-Bilt, phone (662) 534-9061, or visit

Weber’s Model 302 is intended to help mid-size and smaller processors achieve levels of productivity previously reserved for companies with larger machinery needs and budgets. Intended to sell at an installed price below $70,000, the 302 is designed to satisfy beef, pork, and poultry processors who require speed and durability, but are content to operate without some of the high-tech features typically included in the company’s larger machinery. The 302 is equipped with a 400-RPM circular blade. Capable of slicing multiple product logs loaded through the 10-inch wide throat, the 302 has the capacity to produce more than 1,6000 slices/minute. An efficient gripping system, common to all Weber slicers, helps achieve production economies through uniform thickness and portion weights.
Weber, phone (800) 505-9591, or visit

Dallas Semiconductor introduces the DS2422, a high-performance temperature data-logger IC designed for applications where the standard Thermochron iButton version is not suitable. The DS2422 has the same performance as the DS1922L Thermochron, but comes in a 24-lead, 300-mil SO package that can easily be integrated into a product or system. This device periodically and simultaneously logs both temperature and an additional input from an external sensor (for example, a humidity sensor which, when combined with the temperature data, creates a log of relative humidity). The DS2422 comes with a serial interface that allows direct connection to an analog-to-digital converter, and control circuitry to enable/disable a charge pump. The DS2422 is designed for applications where temperature logging and other sensor data (such as very high or low temperature, humidity, or shock) are needed.
Dallas Semiconductor, phone (800) 998-8800 or visit

’s state-of-the-art, non-contact infrared thermometer, D176 combines the best temperature measurement technologies into one easy-to-use tool: the convenience of instant non-contact surface scanning and a built-in probe thermometer for critical internal measurements. The convenient, replaceable, flip-down probe is ready when you need it. The dual-mode measurement system, built-in HACCP Check and integrated time, make the D176 the professional’s tool of choice in a food safety thermometer.
Dickson, phone (630) 543-3747 or visit

DeltaTRAK has reengineered its popular ThermoTrace Infrared Thermometer, Model 15030, for improved accuracy. While similar products list specifications of +/-2°F accuracy on a single degree point of 73°F, this unit’s accuracy has been validated at +/-2°F from 32°F to 590°f.
DeltaTRAK, phone (800) 962-6776, or visit

Loma Systems unveils a new entry-level X-ray inspection unit suited for smaller products measuring a maximum of 8-inches (width) x 3-inches (height). Now for the first time, packagers can enter the market at 50 percent price reduction over traditional X-ray units. This enables those with smaller product profiles to take advantage of this state-of-the-art technology at a more budget-friendly, entry-level cost. The Sentry XR is being sold under the Cintex brand, which is being marketed in North and South America by Loma. Ideal applications for the Sentry XR include smaller profile products in high-speed applications. This includes small frozen meal components and individual baked goods. Loma Systems, phone (630) 681-2050, or visit
Cryovac’s Series 4000 bags deliver stronger abuse resistance and enhanced shrink. The Series 4000 bags raise the level of bag performance across a broad range of materials and provides consistent protection for products as they travel through distribution to shoppers. With improvements in free shrink from 15 percent to 60 percent, depending on the application, the Series 4000 bags enhance merchandising appeal because excess material, especially at the corners, is minimized creating a tight-fitting package that optimizes the product’s appearance at the point of sale. The Cryovac Series 4000 bags are available in both plain and printed options, in up to eight colors, creating a better presentation for multi-colored labels, nutritional information, cooking instructions, and other graphics. Cryovac, phone (800) 845-3456, or visit
The RA-200 Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine from Rollstock is being offered at an introductory price of $59,000. Featuring the same proven technology upon which Rollstock has built its reputation, this machine has a much smaller footprint than standard rollstock machines. The new Advantage RA-200 features matched forming and sealing die tooling, one flying cross cut knife system, a vacuum pump with quick disconnects, a built-in trim removal system, and full PLC control. It is available in a variety of web widths, 285 mm to 459 mm. Rollstock also offers a 12-month or 1 million-cycle warranty on the machine with start-up and training.Rollstock, phone (888) 314-2152, or visit
AmierVap Systems Blue Steam industrial cleaning and sanitizing systems utilize hot air, between 220°F and 2654°F, known as 94 percent dry steam. Being a state of aeriform aggregation, it has a remarkable propagation capacity even in difficult places to reach on equipment, production lines, packaging lines, and working environments. Blue Steam excels in areas of wrappers, conveyors-chains, belts, sprockets, scales, sensors, refrigeration systems, electrical panels, gaskets, slicers, and dicers. Blue Steam technology is clean, economical, and eco-friendly.
AmeriVap Systems, phone (800) 763-7687, or visit

FKI Logistex announces the release of new conveying surface options for its Alvey Palmat belted pallet/unit-load conveyor. The options — multiple-strand conveying belts for standard conveying widths — lower PalMat’s overall cost and expand its market reach as an alternative to traditional roller or chain conveyor for pallet/unit loads, making PalMat particularly suitable for unstable or fragile products. PalMat is now available with a single belt in 40-, 44-, 48-, 52-, and 60-inch widths or in double or triple strands across the same widths. Multiple overall widths allow PalMat to adapt more closely to an operation’s particular load sizes, while multiple belt strands offer the ability to add support between the belts for conveyor-to-conveyor transition. Both options help decrease PalMat’s overall cost by reducing the amount of specialized molded plastic belting needed to convey the particular load. PalMat is typically used as a transport conveyor between equipment such as palletizers and stretchwrappers, or as a discharge conveyor to shipping areas. It provides an even distribution of pallet of unit-load weight, making it ideal for applications in the food industry.
FKI Logistex, phone (314) 993-4700, or visit

Heat exchanger
Alfa Laval releases an eight-page, four-color brochure presenting its AlfaNova, the world’s first plate heat exchanger made of 100-percent stainless steel. Made with AlfaFusion, a revolutionary innovation in material design and manufacturing, the AlfaNova offers 10 times better fatigue resistance than copper-brazed or nickel-brazed units. It has a wide range of applications in air conditioning and refrigeration, comfort heating, industrial cooling, hydraulic oil cooling, corrosive fluid cooling, and hygienic duties.
Alfa Laval, phone (804) 236-1298, or visit
Wastewater testing kit
Routine monitoring of the quality of treated wastewater can be easily accomplished with the SP304 test kit from Palintest. The kit includes all the tests commonly required to optimize the efficiency of wastewater treatment plants and to help ensure that final effluents meet discharge consent limits. The tests have been designed to deliver reliable results quickly. The equipment is simple to use and needs no formal operator training in water analysis. Tests are equivalent to methods recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency.
Palintest USA, phone (800) 835-9629 or visit

Centrifugal compressor
FS-Elliott introduces the PAP Plus Plant Air Package Centrifugal Compressor, featuring easy installation, increased operating efficiency, smooth mechanical operation, and ready maintenance accessibility.  The PAP Plus Compressor provides 100 percent oil-free, particulate filtered, reliable engineered air – tailored to meet the individual needs of industries ranging from automobile manufacturing, food and beverage processing, and pharmaceutical manufacturing to the API 672 applications in refining, petrochemicals, and oil and gas processing.
FS-Elliott, phone (626) 855-7515, or visit
Hard surfacing wire
To improve resistance against adhesive (metal-to-metal) wear, abrasion and impact, Hobart Brothers introduces McKay ArmorWear open arc, or self-shielded, flux-cored, hard surfacing wire. As an overlay for carbon and low alloy steels, ArmorWear deposits a premium martensitic alloy steel of H-12 tool steel composition and maintains its hardness up to 1000° F.
ArmorWear has a steady arc and smooth spray transfer and is best suited for flat and horizontal hard surfacing. As deposited on 1020 steel, the wire has hardness ranging from 47 Rc to 53 Rc for one to three layers. For equipment subject to ongoing abrasion and impact, the ArmorWear wire offers excellent resistance while lengthening the life of the parts and preventing excessive wear.  The wire is well suited for equipment applications such as bucket lips and teeth, cultivator chisels and sweeps or spindle and pump components.
Hobart Brothers, (800) 424-1543, or visit

Weigh/bagging system
New AccuFill weigh/bagging systems from Gainco Inc. deliver heightened accuracy, versatility, and cost-saving performance due to their special hygienic design.  Completely engineered and built in the United States, these systems are ideal for the full range of meat, poultry, and seafood weigh/bagging applications, including chops, filets, drumsticks, tenders, wings, fish filets, and shellfish products. In contrast to conventional tubing designs for these systems, the open-frame design of Gainco’s AccuFill weigh/bagging equipment promotes better food safety and ease of cleaning, making them perfectly suited for the food processing environment. Beyond better cleanliness, the many productivity-enhancing features of AccuFill weigh/bagging systems include the ability to accommodate each user’s specific wicketed bag requirements, such as adjusting weight set-points and lower/upper limits.  A “quick change” wicket holder facilitates the rapid reloading of bags, while a check weighing feature guards against overpacking.
Gainco, phone (770) 534-0703, or visit