Tray Sealer
Designed for new product development and low-volume production runs, Haug Quality Equipment introduces the new HS300 tray sealer. The sealer features a new easy-load film system and quick-change tooling. The HS300 can accommodate tray sizes up to 10.5 by 13 inches.
Haug Quality Equipment, phone (815) 479-1460, or visit

Safety Clothing
The 2006 Refrigiwear catalog is now available and features the company’s complete line of “head to toe” clothing, accessories, and equipment to protect workers and perishables in a full range of temperature conditions. Among the new products are HiVisibility Insulated Outerwear and the 900 Series/PROGuard clothing line. The catalog also includes a number of newly introduced insulated gloves and boots that utilize Refrigiwear’s InDuraDex™ or InDuraSafe™ rating guides.
Refrigiwear, phone (800) 645-3744 or

IPL Material Handling offers a collapsible, reusable container designed specifically for shipping bone-in-loin pork and beef primal cuts from primal source plants to case-ready plants. The IPL SmartCrate 3513-11, a hand-held collapsible container for the meat industry, is designed to produce more rapid cooling, better product protection, less solid waste, reduced handling labor, and better product tracking than one-time-use containers for primal cuts of pork and beef.
IPL Material Handling, phone (800) 818-1318, or visit

The RSN 7200 Roll Stock Netter from Poly-clip helps to eliminate netting waste. Processing hams with continuous netting can save up to 12 inches of netting per ham by eliminating the long netting tail created from the manual stuffing process. The machine automates the ham-netting process by stuffing an injected, whole bone-in ham through an expanding stuffing horn and into a restrictive net supplied from a continuous source.
Poly-clip System Corp., (800) 872-2547, or visit