Tray Pad
International Tray Pads & Packaging has developed a new technology that uses super-absorbent polymers in the common grocery tray packs. Available in sizes from 25 to 65 grams of absorbency, the No-Wet “S” all-polymer pad uses a proprietary laminated structure that evenly distributes and holds the polymer particles in place, significantly increasing the pads’ absorbency capabilities. The pads can extend the shelf life of fresh meat and poultry and reduce the amount of costly rewraps.
International Tray Pads & Packaging Inc.,
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X-Ray Inspection
Heat and Control offers the Ishida IX-GA Series of X-ray inspection systems. For maximum consumer protection, the system can detect metal and non-metallic materials such as glass, bone, shell and plastics, even through aluminum foils and cans. Setup is automatic, and no calibration is required. The stainless-steel construction conforms to HACCP requirements.
Heat and Control Inc.,
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Vacuum Pump
The M-200 pump from PIAB Systems is ideal for use in a MAP poultry-packaging environment. Poultry products are often injected with a marinade or water-chilled, resulting in a wet product when packaged. Along with air, a rotary-vane vacuum pump can inadvertently suck out the chicken fats, greases, waters and marinades, clogging the MAP machine. With its simple design, materials that can clog pumps get blown straight through the PIAB pump.
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Dorner Mfg. is the only United States equipment manufacturer to have a modular conveyer line certified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as accepted equipment for the red meat and poultry industry. The conveyors in the 7400 Ultimate Series are available in widths from 6 to 60 inches and any length. The conveyors can take high-pressure washings with numerous materials without the worry of bearings or other components corroding.
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Poly-Clip System Corp.’s FCA 3430 automatic double-clipper closes all fibrous and collagen casings from 24mm to 90mm caliber plastic casings, at up to 200 cycles per minute. The FCA 3430-18 Clipper’s production can range from 24mm to 120mm caliber casings and up to 150 cycles per minute. The double-clipper’s operator panel features a plain-text display, and product parameters can be recalled from program memory. Two-hand triggering of the first clip provides added operator safety.
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Guide Rail Adjustment
The Unison™ guide rail adjustment solution from Septimatech provides rapid line changeover with consistent, accurate and repeatable setup. Operators can change up to 100 feet of guide rail including corners from a single position without pneumatics. The system retrofits to cover existing conveyor systems, and the use of dial indicator readings eliminate guesswork and operator variations.
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