Alfa Laval offers standardized mechanical seals used in the company’s two main centrifugal pump series. All pumps in the latest series, the TriClover SolidC Series, are fitted with the same superior shaft seal used in the premium LKH Series. Only one seal is needed for the standard or premium pump models, so only one type or size of shaft seal needs to be kept in stock, reducing spare parts costs.
Alfa Laval Inc., phone (262) 947-3742, or visit www.alfalaval.us

Safety Gear
 Jordan David introduces Spiderz™ over-the-shoe-high-traction footwear. Designed to provide superior slip resistance in virtually all slick conditions, from water and oil to grease and animal fats, Spiderz is a solution for slips and falls in both food processing and manufacturing facilities alike. Spiderz fits over regular shoes and boots, allowing crews to continue to wear their primary footwear. They are         100-percent waterproof.
Jordan David, phone (888) 667-5477,           or visit www.jordandavid.com

Airshirz® pneumatic scissors from Bettcher Industries increase worker productivity while reducing muscle fatigue in poultry wing-trimming operations. With their fixed-bottom blade design, AirShirz scissors provide a clean, accurate cutting action, resulting in consistently high-quality separation of the wing and the drummette. Fully-controllable blades allow operators to use AirShirz units just as they would manual scissors in the wing-trimming application.
Bettcher Industries, phone (440) 965-4422, or visit www.bettcher.com

The ScanWi 411 Battery™ battery-operated bench scale from Scanvaegt offers all the advantages of the conventional model with full flexibility. The scale can easily be relocated from one place in the factory to another as needed. A high level of hygiene is also made possible, as the scale stands intense washing down, steam, high humidity, hot water, and most chemical foaming agents. It can also be used in outdoor applications where electricity is unavailable.
Scanvaegt Inc., phone (770) 536-3495, or visit www.scanvaegt.us

Span Tech has introduced its Spiral Elevator. The elevator is useful for cooling, curing, and time delays. The product rests stationary on the spiral chain and travels up or down, with speeds up to 250 feet per minute. A variable frequency drive comes standard, and no controls are necessary. The unit can handle a wide range of product sizes up to 10 inches in height with no adjustments.
Span Tech LLC, phone (270) 651-9166, or visit www.spantechllc.com

Poultry Processing Safety
Electric Aquagenics Unlimited offers a new approach to cleaning and processing chickens. Rather than using chemicals like chlorine or trisodium phosphates to clean and disinfect carcasses, EAU uses hydrogenated water. The process can also eliminate bacteria and pathogens from chicken eggs from farmers, which leads to cleaner chickens coming to processing plants, and ultimately leading to consumption. The system’s lack of toxic chemicals also results in an environmentally-friendly solution.
Electric Aquagenics Unlimited, phone  (801) 891-3684, or visit www.eau-x.com