Computerway Food Systems’ raw & Batch Trak System Tracks and Manages raw Material Receiving, Inventory, Formula Configuration, Batch Scheduling and Processing, and Yield Tracking. the Systems Web-based Technology Uses Pdas as Collection Devices for Scanning Materials Into and out of Batch Processes. System Data is Also Collected Through the use of Scales, Pcs, and Scanners. Benefits of the System Include Real Time raw Material Inventory, Improved Product Rotation, Reduced Clerical Work, Better Control Over Product Formulations, Improved Process Control, and Enhanced Recall Capabilities.
Computerway Food Systems, phone (336) 841-7289, or visit
Onset Computer Corp.’s HOBO U12 Thermocouple Logger is a self-contained, 12-bit resolution data logger for measuring and recording temperatures from a variety of thermocouple probes. Designed for a broad range of  monitoring applications, from industrial process monitoring to concrete maturity testing, the U12 Thermocouple Logger provides high-accuracy measurements over wide temperature ranges.
Onset Computer Corp., phone (508) 759-9500, or visit
With Formax’s exclusive Tender-Form and Verti-Form tolling systems, processors have multiple product options. Tender-Form hamburger and sausage patties are made better by the industry’s premier filling system. The Tender-Form difference is apparent in the vertical columnar structure of the meat that allows heat to pass quickly from top to bottom so patties cook evenly. Verti-Form tooling creates whole muscle steaks and pork. The texture and exacting weight control of the Verti-Form portions makes Formax an ideal choice for the foodservice, retail, and RTE categories. The products produced by Tender-Form and Vert-form can be created on any Formax Maxum700, F·26, F·19, F·400 or F·6 forming machine.
Formax, phone (708) 479-3500, or visit
NuTEC Manufacturing’s NuTEC 750 provides accurate weight control, minimum leakage, and rapid changeover in a state-of-the-art machine. A unique NuTEC vane pump feed system uses a rotating spiral to gently move product to the rotor, eliminating overworking, bridging, and backflow while maintaining texture. The 750-vane pump feeds directly to the mold plate cavity, and with a useable mold width of 19”, the 750 can easily portion certain items at over 4,800 pounds per hour.
NuTEC Manufacturing, phone (815) 722-2800, or visit  
Datamax Corp. has made available it’s A-Class RFID printer. The A-Class RFID printer is the latest in a range of RFID and bar code printing solutions from Datamax, joining the previously released I-Class RFID printer. The A-Class print engine is designed for integration into OEM label print-and-apply machines. These machines are used in high-volume labeling applications such as those seen in many consumer packaged goods manufacturers. The A-Class RFID printer enables end users to simultaneously encode data and print information on a smart label containing an RFID chip for compliance with EPC global mandates.
Datamax, phone (800) 816-9649, or visit
Curwood’s IntegraScore convenience packaging opening feature can be combined with press-to-close or a slider zipper in horizontal and vertical form/fill/seal applications to give consumers easy opening and resealable features in one package. The IntegraScore feature is achieved by applying a continuous, controlled score to a multi-layered film. Curwood’s proprietary system controls the scoring to the proper layers, ensuring the barrier protection is not compromised, while providing the convenience of an easy-opening system. The controlled system even allows the feature to be applied to a forming web without compromising the barrier or strength needed during the F/F/S process.
Curwood, phone (920) 303-7362, or visit
Inovpack introduces its new Chub 200 Series films. Designed and engineered to withstand the extreme physical demands of this application, the Chub 200 Series Films provide greater reliability with less downtime on machines, the company relays. In developing these new chub films, Inovpack focused on seal strength and burst strength to provide more consistency and integrity from package to package. The new chub films provide the required barriers and physical strength to package the traditional 10-pound and larger ground-beef chubs. The multi-layer film exceeds the rigorous demands of high-speed automated packaging. With less splits and breaks, this product offers more productivity.
Inovpack, phone (888) 876-FILM, or visit
Alcoa Consumer Products’ Fresh-Lock® Retort Zippers are capable of resisting the high temperatures demanded by the retort process. Retort pouches using the barrier-design retort zippers provide product protection and user convenience, and offer many advantages over cans and jars. The reclosable retort pouches offer all-in-one serve, seal, and store design, and are designed for use in wet, moist, or dry applications.
Alcoa Consumer Products, phone (800) 265-0750 or (920) 738-1344, or visit
Carruthers Advant-Edge AE5000 Slicer/Dicer is designed with modern food safety features critical to operate in today’s stringent food production environment. The AE5000 is easy to use as cut sizes can be changed with only a push of a button. As well, the AE5000 can slice and dice fresh or cooked products, 1, 2, or 3 dimensional.
Carruthers, phone (503) 861-2273, or visit
Combining its FX180® slicing and autoloading system with its new DS180™ depositing system allows Formax Inc. to bring pod-pack marketing potential to processors of thin-sliced and shaved meats. Long the package of choice for pudding and gelatin, pod packs are ideal for today’s meat-eating consumers thanks to their individual 2-ounce and 4-ounce container capability. Benefits include preserving the fresh, just-sliced flavor of the meat, longer refrigerated shelf life, portioned for smaller households, and reduced product waste. The company’s new Maxum700™ forming machine, featuring two mechanically independent servomotors to power its programmable mold plate and knock-out drive systems, improves the product consistency, speed, and food-safety properties of case-ready meat and poultry in family-size cartons. The system is ideal for forming precooked hamburgers, chicken patties, and sausage.
Formax® Inc., phone (708) 479-3500, fax (708) 479-3598, or visit
The firm’s 613-VS Multislicer is designed to handle a variety of slicing applications, including bulk slicing, stacking, and shingling into portions. Products include boneless/non-frozen meat, cheese, vegetables, fruits, and bread products that can be precisely sliced at production speeds between 60-90 strokes per minute, per lane. The 613-VS incorporates a portable, user-friendly design with all-stainless steel construction. Sloped surfaces and easily removable parts allow for thorough residue cleaning.  
.E. Grote Company, phone (888) 534-7683, fax (614) 322-1873, e-mail:, or visit
Processing equipment
The latest development from Urschel Laboratories Inc. contributes to advances in water gun knife manufacturing by producing a higher quality knife with endless possibilities of head configurations. The process begins with a special formula of stainless steel. Techniques for improved flatness, straightness, and hardness while retaining ductility increase the overall life of the knives. Moreover knives achieve quality cuts even after multiple sharpening. Urschel also offers multi-slot and custom configuration heads with an optional hole in the slot of the knives for vine removal and/or a patented converging lead-in that lessens slot corner damage.  
Urschel Laboratories Inc., phone (219) 464-4811, fax (219) 462-3879, e-mail, or visit
Douglas Machines Corp.’s Douglas Model BDW-1-HD is a compact, easy to install workhorse that is designed to wash and sanitize food from barrels, drums, and other reusable containers up to 26” in diameter by 38” tall. This powerfully efficient machine features a rugged hinged door design, a heavy-duty 7-1/2 H.P. pump, and a push button control and information center. It is also available with an optional protruding spray nozzle for bunged-hold barrels.
Douglas Machines Corp., phone (800) 331-6870, or visit
Used in conjunction with traditional sanitation procedures, the J.E. Grote Company’s Ozone Sanitation Minicart is an excellent solution to enhance food processing machine cleanliness. Ozone kills bacteria faster than chlorine and is a stronger oxidizer than chlorine. Designed originally as a continuous band-blade sanitizing system, Grote’s ozone minicart is ideal for sanitizing other areas in the food processing industry, such as conveyor belts, stainless steel working surfaces, boning tables, and vegetable processing stations. Grote’s ozone minicart is portable and includes a hand wand sanitation system and blade guide lubrication connection.
J.E. Grote Company, phone (888) 534-7683, or visit
Web site
Systemate Numafa’s upgraded Web site has made it easier for visitors to find needed information on Systemate Numafa’s washing products. Additionally, the site boasts a new look and feel throughout. Information has been updated and added on all of the available washing products the company offers.
Systemate Numafa, phone (800) 240-3770, or visit
Alfa Laval has launched a Virtual Showroom to present 16 new products in the fields of heat transfer, separation, and fluid handling. Available on the company Web site ( the Virtual Showroom enables visitors to take a virtual tour of a futuristic building displaying the latest product innovations. Animations and 3D techniques help illustrate the principles of operation, features and benefits, and applications for each product.
Alfa Laval, phone (804) 236-1307, or visit
Zontec’s Synergy 2000 Statistical Process Control Software is available to Quality Assurance professionals who are interested in delivering high quality products, reducing manufacturing costs and achieving higher productivity. Synergy 2000 is used in quality management applications to monitor and react to process variation during production and inspection. The software provides a full complement of tools that support Six Sigma quality initiatives, and is specifically designed for companies with multiple locations who want a global real-time view of all their processes.
Zontec, phone (513) 648-9695, or visit
Alfa Laval is now offering a CD designed to help consulting engineers select ARI-certified plate heat exchangers for HVAC applications. This CD contains the AlfaQalc Selection Software for choosing plate heat exchangers with performance certified by an independent third party. Alfa Laval recently received ARI Standard 400 certification for the new AlfaQ Series of plate heat exchangers. The CD entitled “ARI-Certified Plate Heat Exchangers — Alfa Laval AlfaQ Series” also contains information about the ARI and ARI certification  and product information about the AlfaQ Series including product descriptions, drawings, and sample specifications.
Alfa Laval, phone (804) 236-1307, or visit www.alfalaval
J.J. Keller & Associates introduces a DVD version of its Hazard Communication for Employees training program, which is aimed at helping companies comply with OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard (29 CFR part 1910.1200 [h]). The program covers five major components of the HazCom Standard: how a chemical is placed on a hazardous chemical inventory list, and the importance of keeping the list up to date; how to read and understand MSDSs; how to read hazcom labels, tags, and signs; what to do if there is an unlabeled container or no MSDS for a substance; and the purpose of a written program and the importance of keeping it up to date.
J.J. Keller & Associates, phone (800) 327-6868, or visit
Schneider Packaging Equipment Co., Inc., unveils its new Robotic Case Packer-Palletizer. This all-in-one technology combines a case packer and a palletizer into a compact, cost-effective solution. The Robotic Packer-Palletizer utilizes a 5-axis Motoman robot with XRC Controller, capable of moving up to 176 pounds. The machine’s compact footprint allows for pallet sizes of up to 48” x 48” and unit loads up to 72” high.  Capable of running single line applications, the Robotic Packer-Palletizer’s production rates depend on numerous factors, including the product being packaged, the number of products per case and pallet patterns.  The custom designed End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) is flexible enough to “grab” and pack various size objects, including boxes, bags, bundles, bales, cans, bottles and jars.
Schneider Packaging Equipment Co., Inc., phone (315) 676-3035
The firm offers Solutions Audit™, a once-a-year service for enhancing preventive maintenance programs by helping maintenance, engineering, and sanitation crews better understand and prevent conveyor equipment breakdowns in production lines. The package includes a comprehensive inspection of each conveyor system regardless of belt brand and an assessment of current and potential problems, accompanied by dialogue with maintenance, engineering, and sanitation leadership teams. Comprehensive documentation describes problems with examples and outlined risks, and includes digital images. The program also includes two hours of classroom instruction for maintenance personnel with a wide-ranging tutorial covering all aspects of maintenance and installation of Wirebelt conveyor belting. A follow-up report provides recommended corrective actions, a suggested implementation schedule and a list of required parts.
Wire Belt Company of America, phone (800) 922-2637 or (603) 644-2500, fax (603) 644-3600, e-mail:, or visit
The firm provides details about its 780 forming machine in a free laminated, 6-page, full color brochure — including photography, technical drawings, specifications. Designed for high-volume meat processors, the former can portion up to 10,000 pounds per hours with no product backflow, overworking, bridging, and is ideal for consistent shapes for beef, poultry, and pork.  
NuTec Manufacturing, phone (815) 722-2800 for free copy of 780 Brochure, or visit
Stretch-wrap technology leader Lantech introduces its new Pallet-Grip™ load locking system. The patent-pending system is the only stretch-wrap containment method capable of meeting the latest requirements from big-box retailers and mass merchandisers for physically locking the load to the pallet. The company relays it greatly improves load containment and significantly reduces the chance for damage on double-stacked loads, winged pallets, or those carrying barrels, pails, or rolls that lead to severe inboard load conditions. Available is a retrofit or option on new machines Pallet Grip effectively attaches a load to the pallet with bottom wraps or film that have been twisted into a cable along the lower four to six inches of the web., phone (800) 866-0322, fax (502) 266-5031, email, or visit
(Packaging, Processing for the Food & Meat Machinery Inc.)
The firm plans to showcase its Unger System at the IFFA Exhibition in Germany during the May 15-20 event. Comprised of a grinder, separator, and vacuum mixer, the system is designed for sausage and other meat products. Separator tools work in the grinder by separating and removing sinews, gristle, bones and other hard material. The separator system, featuring an end hole plate sized at less than 2 mm, replaces the emulsifier. Other benefits include 30-percent increase in productivity and lower costs of plates and knives.
Factory Direct Outlet Inc., phone (905) 728-6434, fax (905) 728-4703, e-mail, or visit
Gainco launches its Blue Ribbon Service. Previously known as Weigh Systems Service, Blue Ribbon Service is a quality service organization offering maintenance and repair for weighing and yield-tracking equipment. Highly trained and experienced technicians are available to assist in dramatically improving yields and plant uptime in meat, poultry, and fish processing plants. Blue Ribbon Service has operations in both Gainesville, GA, and Ft. Smith, AR. Among the key provisions of Blue Ribbon Service are regular inspections for proper equipment operation, adjustment an calibration, as well as identifying parts or assemblies that are out of alignment, improperly sealed, or nearing the end of their service life.
Gainco Blue Ribbon Service, phone Sepp Egger at (800) 467-2828, or visit
Its line of stainless steel worm gear drives come in four sizes with 316 series stainless housings and shafts. Other benefits include machine surface-finished, sealed non-vented housing, HACCP compatibility, and BISSC certified. The drives also feature high-pressure dual lip seals for severe high pressure and chemical wash-down environments and are factory filled with USDA H1 lubricant for application service life.  
Hub City Inc., phone (605) 225-0360, fax (605) 225-0567, e-mail, or visit