New Solutions

Boston Gear launches new products that meet today’s power-transmission needs.
In the world of power transmission, new products are few and far between.  In the past several months, however, Boston Gear has launched three, all of which address the most important power transmission issues of meat and poultry processors.
The new QC700 Series speed reducer is a God-send for meat and poultry processors who have ever suffered with fretting corrosion between the motor and gearbox.  The key is a patent-pending coupling design that does not require an opening to be present on the gearbox flange.  This opening, found on competitive models, can allow water and other contaminants to enter the flange and foster bacteria growth. With the advent of our self-aligning QC coupling, the hole disappears. The unique coupling also reduces the size of the flange by an average of 18 percent, placing less stress on the equipment and saving space.  
Field tests of the QC700 demonstrated an average 85% reduction in changeover time.
Stainless Bost-Kleen
There is no better protection against rust and corrosion on your gearboxes than an all stainless steel design.  For many, however, the cost of all stainless steel is prohibitive. Washdown paints and epoxies have performed inconsistently at best…until now.  
The new and improved Stainless Bost-Kleen™ washdown treatment is the next-best thing to stainless steel.  The secret to the system lies with the specially designed epoxies and the process used to apply them, resulting in a much higher level of strength and corrosion resistance.  Extensive field testing, in high-pressure, highly-caustic environments, has proven the new and improved Bost-Kleen system to be the most resilient washdown protection available on the market.
PosiVent solution
In aggressive washdown environments, gearboxes never seem to last as long as they should.  Failures are often attributed to poor seals, bad bearings, overheating, and a host of other problems.  However, if one were to look to the root of the problem, as Boston Gear has, you would find many of these problems are the result of contaminated lubricant.  As a gearbox heats up and cools down, it draws in condensation and other contaminants through the breather vent.  This mixes with the lubricant, limiting its ability to cool and causing other components — such as seals and bearings  — to fail.  However, if you eliminate the traditional breather vent, pressure builds on your shaft seals, leading to leakage.  
To combat this problem, Boston Gear developed the PosiVent®, a patented system that keeps contaminants out of your gearbox while minimizing the pressure on your shaft seals. The PosiVent acts as a physical barrier to contaminants, yet is able to expand and contract as the pressure changes within the gearbox.  The result is clean, effective lubricant, longer seal life, and a much better performing gearbox.  Additionally, the PosiVent can operate in any mounting position, even when totally submerged in lubricant!
Each of these innovations can be combined with the others to best meet each customer’s specific needs.  If you suffer from any of the problems outlined above, ask your distributor for Boston Gear. NP
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