New identity for National Starch Food Products division
What a way to start the new year! The Food Products division of National Starch and Chemical Co. has changed its name and identity effective January 1 to National Starch Food Innovation in order to more accurately reflect its offerings to the packaged and prepared foods industry, the company relays.
This new name leverages the respected equity the company has built in the industry over many years while boldly describing its future direction and commitment to its customers.
Surveys conducted by the food industry media and National show that the company has en excellent reputation and heritage as a leading supplier of starch-based ingredients.
“But as our industry and its challenges continue to change, we have also changed,” says James P. Zallie, group vice president. “Today, we represent more than starch. By changing our name and our identity, we are asking the industry to take a new look at National Starch. And when they do, they will see one of the most forward-thinking, innovative and global suppliers.
We changed our name because it reflects more accurately what we do; namely, create differentiated food ingredients for our customers,” he added. “National will use its expertise and broad market knowledge to develop and test unique food systems.”
 “Our new identity attests to our ability to deliver innovation beyond our historical competencies — through novel forms and applications of starch and other ingredients that deliver consumer-recognized benefits to the marketplace,” says Neil Grimwood, senior divisional vice president.
National Starch Food Innovation is a leading producer of innovative nature-based ingredients for the global food industry. The company makes viscosifiers, texturizers, mouthfeel enhancers, emulsion stablizers, resistant starches, and functional native starches that improve the eating experience, quality, processing, stability, and nutritional value of foods and beverages
National Starch Information Center, phone (800) 797-4992, fax (609) 409-5699, or e-mail

New Cattlemen’s® Barbecue  Sauce
New Cattlemen’s® 2-Carb BlendTM Barbecue Sauce has 75 percent less carbs per serving. With zero percent total and saturated fat, it has only 2 grams of carbohydrates per 2 Tbsp. serving, with no sacrifice in taste. Made with sucralose, not aspartame, and with tomato paste, not puree, it makes a thicker, more flavorful cost-effective product that holds up to grilling and smoking.
French’s Flavor Ingredients, phone (800)-4-FRENCH, or visit

New ingredient for frozen, refrigerated RTE meals
A&B Ingredients, a leading provider if rice-based ingredients, introduces Remyline XS - a most versatile rice starch that can be used to quickly and inexpensively enhance the flavor release, texture, sheen, and mouthfeel of frozen and refrigerated prepared meal systems.
This ingredient is extremely freeze/thaw stable, all-natural, and more economically priced than comparable starch ingredients, the company relays.
Many modified starches impart a chemical note to the flavor of microwaveable foods. Since Remyline XS is all-natural enables processors of frozen and refrigerated foods to maintain a clean taste and a clean label. In addition to being able to withstand many freeze/thaw cycles, this ingredient is also naturally hypoallergenic and easy to digest.
Remyline XS is extremely stable under multiple stress conditions ad is also a natural alternative to chemically modified starches allowing manufacturers to keep their “all natural” label and all-natural taste.
A&B Ingredients, phone (973) 227-1390, or visit

If your company has just introduced a new ingredient or developed a new ingredient application for the red meat or poultry industry, please e-mail a news release on this product to, or mail copy and photos to: Bryan Salvage, The National Provisioner, 155 Pfingsten Rd. Suite 205, Deerfield IL 60015.