Beef up flavor
MTS® New Generation beef flavors can be added to meat products via tumbling, injection, or rubs. The high-impact water-soluble flavors come in shelf-stable dry and liquid paste forms for easy handling and storage. Manufactured under USDA/FSIS inspection, the flavors boast roasted, broth, grilled, braised, and other complete profiles. — WILD Flavors Inc., ph: (888) 677-2722,
Natural-flake salt
Cargill Salt is the only manufacturer of the exclusive Alberger® brand of salt. Since 1886, the same technique has been used to produce pure, unaltered natural-flake salt crystals. Rapid solubility makes the salt a natural for topping products because it leaves no gritty aftertaste. Its white crystalline flakes improve the appearance of the finished product and deliver an unmatched burst of flavor you can count on every time. — Cargill Salt, ph: (888) 385-7258,
Meat magic
Unequaled agglomeration capacities mean an uninterrupted supply of a broad range of food phosphate specialties for yield improvement, pH stabilization, purge reduction, and enhanced overall eating quality. Offered under the BRIFISOL® and BEKAPLUS® trade names, the food phosphate specialties are USDA approved and kosher certified. They meet or exceed all FDA and international standards for such ingredients. A staff of experts is available to assist customers with the most cost- effective application of the ingredients. — BK Giulini Corp., phone: (805) 581-1979,