Sentry introduces bacstat seasonings
Sentry Seasonings, Inc. of Elmhurst, Ill., is the first to introduce a safe and effective antimicrobial delivery system with Sentry’s BacStat Seasonings. Sentry’s formulated addition of Lauric Arginate in BacStat Seasonings is a great technological innovation in delivering better preservation qualities to your finished products. The antimicrobial properties of Sentry’s BacStat Seasoning System are highly efficient against both Gram-negative and Gram-positive organisms, and BacStat Seasonings will not induce genetic resistance in microorganisms.
GUARDIAN releases Green Tea Extracts
With GUARDIANTM Green Tea Extracts, food products taste better longer. When added to food products, Green Tea Extracts have a complementary flavor that enhances natural flavors of foods. The extracts may be listed as natural flavor on labels. GUARDIANTM Green Tea Extracts are a natural, healthy alternative to synthetic antioxidants like BHA and BHT. Key applications include dressings, soups, sauces, meat, poultry and seafood products. GUARDIANTM Green Tea Extracts are label-friendly compared to synthetic antioxidants and more cost-effective than other natural antioxidants.