The Whizard® Series II trimmers from Bettcher Industries are ergonomically friendly, provide many new labor-saving design features, and are offered in a full range of models for diverse trimming applications. The enhanced gear mesh design contributes to smoother blade operation, while easier proximity to the built-in steeling device button makes steeling blades quicker and more comfortable. Several patented design elements enhance operator productivity, safety, and comfort, while reducing the risk of musculo-skeletal disorders.
Bettcher Industries Inc., phone (440) 965-4422, or visit

Charm Sciences and Ecolab offer novaLUM™, a palm-sized luminometer that contains numerous HACCP-friendly tests to aid in ATP-based hygiene monitoring programs in the food processing industry. It features a complete numeric keyboard with a rocker toggle switch, as well as direct swab chamber entry design, ensuring fast pre-operational results. The entire family of Charm ATP tests is designed for use with the novaLUM, including PocketSwab® Plus, AllerGiene ®, and WaterGiene™.
Ecolab Inc., phone (651) 293-2233, or visit
The Eco-Wipe™ FSC is an EPA-registered, pre-moistened, single-use sanitizing wipe from Ecolab for use on hard, non-porous food contact surfaces in the food processing industry. The wipe has been proven 99.999% effective against Staphylococcus aureus, Escheria coli, and Shigella boydi in 60 seconds with a consistent 175 ppm sanitizing solution. It is an excellent choice for spot sanitizing of hard surface areas throughout food processing plants.
Ecolab Inc., phone (651) 293-2233, or visit

Poly-Clip’s ICA 8700 double-clipper is an ideal machine for medium-sized to large-diameter products up to 200mm. Fibrous, collagen, and plastic casings can be processed. The fast iris separator ensures short, symmetrical sausage ends and careful portioning, even in large meat pieces. Other features include three speeds for highest performance, low noise operation, automatic looper, and two-handed triggering of the first clip by the operator, thereby improving safety.
Poly-clip System Corp., phone (800) 872-2547, or visit

Trief introduces the Divider 600 slicer, capable of slicing a wide variety of products from whole-muscle meats to deli meats and cheese. The integrated conveyor is used for precise shingling, and the integrated elevator table rises toward the knife for the initial slice and lowers for each subsequent slice to provide uniform stacking up to 4 inches high. Slices can also be stagger-stacked or shaved for fluff-packs.
Trief USA, phone (203) 929-9930, or visit

Multivac’s latest high-speed traysealer is designed for large-volume operations requiring precision, flexibility, and reliability. The T 450 can seal up to 150 standard trays per minute in a two-lane configuration. The machine is also designed for quick changeovers without tools, keeping downtime to a minimum. The basic T 450 is equipped with gas flush for modified atmosphere packaging, continuous feed conveyor, a tray transfer system, and a sealing die with an integrated cutting unit.
Multivac, phone (800) 800-8552, or visit
Lantech offers the industry’s first Self-Threader® forming head on the SW-5000 shrink wrapping machine. The new design delivers a perfectly centered lap seal without setup adjustment, and changes over in seconds with its unique quick-disconnect feature.The SW-5000 can wrap up to 75 packages a minute, for package sizes that range from 3 inches long by 1.5 inches wide by 0.125 inches high to 40 inches long by 15 inches wide by 6 inches high., phone (800) 866-0322, or visit

The QuantiCut dicer from Urschel accepts large product up to 10 inches in any dimension, and offers a high-capacity output of a full range of dices, strip cuts, and slices. All-stainless steel contact parts are incorporated with hinged and sliding access panels to promote sanitation. The newest innovation, a deep crinkle strip cut, produces a crinkle with a depth of approximately 1-1/2 times that of a standard crinkle.
Urschel Laboratories Inc., phone (219) 464-4811, or visit

Brain Cavity Removal
(BS-1.jpg MUST) Jarvis Products introduces its Brain Sucker Removal System that quickly and efficiently removes all material from the brain cavity. Besides efficient material removal, using the tool avoids contaminating heads, and saves cheek meat. It also permits head de-boning on tables, without cross contamination. The tool eliminates the need to place corks in heads, avoiding any brain seepage.
Jarvis Products Corp., phone (860) 347-7271, or visit

String Ties
Volk Enterprises’ string ties, for retail and foodservice use, wrap around the body and legs of poultry, securing the legs and wings for perfect presentation. Suitable for rotisserie or roasted poultry, the ties offers a clean presentation and easy removal. The ties are made from food-grade nylon and are suited for single use.
Volk Enterprises, phone (770) 663-5400, or visit

Case Erector
The newly designed OK Superformer from O/K International meets the U.S. flexibility requirements with a simple and easy-to-use case erector. It can erect up to 16 cases per minute, and can provide increased production efficiency and flexibility, consistency for automatic lines and enhanced cosmetics, and ease of setup, training, and operation. The Superformer’s standard specifications include automatic box squaring, low taper or box alarm, and stainless-steel construction.
O/K International Corp., phone (508) 303-8286, or visit

Glacier Computer announces that its GX-1000 and GX-1200™ rugged computer is now capable of a direct connection to 12 VDC vehicles. The GX-1200 has a 12.1-inch color touchscreen display, is housed in a rugged enclosure and is ideal for applications such as forklifts, fixed-mount warehousing, and distribution and factory floor settings. The GX-1000 has a 10.4-inch display and a smaller form factor for greater line-of-sight by the operator.
Glacier Computer, phone (603) 882-1560, or visit

Breading Applicator
Heat and Control’s SureCoat universal breading applicator allows operators to uniformly apply pre-dust, crumb, and flake coatings to all surfaces of formed and natural-shaped products. The lifter-conveyor adjusts the density of the bottom breading bed from firm to fluffy, depending on coating requirements. Adjustable speed augers quickly distribute coatings with minimal crumb breakdown, even with delicate J-crumb and flake coatings.
Heat and Control, phone (800) 227-5980, or visit

Safety Wear
Refrigiwear has added a Hi Visibility Vest to its line of safety-oriented work wear products. It combines safety and warmth with a lightweight insulated vest. An insulated knit collar and chest, and hand-warmer pockets add an extra layer of warmth. Available in sizes from small to 5XL, the vest comes in orange and yellow, and colored reflective tape can be added for extra safety.
Refrigiwear Inc., phone (800) 645-3744, or visit

Temperature Monitoring
Onset Computer Corp. offers the HOBO Pendant Logger, a miniature, low-cost data logger for monitoring temperatures during the transport and storage of temperature-sensitive goods. The logger records temperatures around the clock, and provides high and low LED alarms for both shipping and storage applications. The alarms can provide instant visual notification when temperatures go out of range.
Onset Computer Corp., phone (800) 564-4377, or visit

New literature is available on NuTEC Mfg.’s 745 Patty Machine. A completely hydraulic, microprocessor controlled, multi-outlet forming machine, the 745 combines accurate weight control, minimum leakage, and quick changeovers with mobility. It can run beef, poultry, pork, fish, and more. The machine’s portable design allows it to be easily transported to wash-down departments or other areas in the plant.
NuTEC Mfg., phone (815) 722-2800, or visit

Weber breaks ground for new Tech Center
Guenther Weber, owner and chief executive officer of Weber Maschinenbau, led the groundbreaking ceremony for Weber Inc.’s new North American Technology Center in Kansas City, MO. Construction officially began on June 15, and the center is scheduled to open next spring.
“We are pleased to make this investment on behalf of all our customers in America, Canada, and Mexico,” said Weber. He added that their support and partnerships during the last quarter century have helped Weber become the world’s fastest-growing manufacturer of slicing technology.
Scott Scriven, president and chief executive officer of Weber Inc., said the facility will allow the company to best serve its customers. “The demo center will allow them to come in, test their products, and learn how their products are going to slice on our equipment. Our training center will allow them to get hands-on experience on how to best use and best utilize the equipment we sell.”
The new center, located across the street from Weber’s current headquarters, will be more than 40,000 square feet in size, almost three times the size of the current space. Along with increased space for offices, demonstrations, and training, the parts department will be more than twice as large as the company’s current space. “As a German manufacturer and supplier, it is very important for us, the North American daughter, to have accessibility to spare parts for North American users,” said Scriven.
The new Product Testing and Demonstration Room will measure nearly 2,700 square feet, and it is designed to provide enough space for the simultaneous operation of several Weber machines. “With this new space, we can also put upstream or downstream equipment in the demo room,” Scriven noted.
“We wanted to provide meat and cheese processors in America, Canada, and Mexico with a conveniently located facility where they can view and test the world’s best technology against real-world applications, like the challenges they face every day,” said Weber. “Within our new facility, processors can test a variety of fully equipped Weber slicers on products they now produce, as well as on products they are considering adding to their offerings.”
The center’s training center will cover all aspects of the Weber machinery, said Norbert Muehlich, technical director of Weber Inc. “There will be technical training for maintenance people, as well as the line supervisors, where they would learn how to improve yields. And then there is the operator training, for the people who operate those machines,” he said.
“We are looking forward to an exciting year at Weber, as the opening of our new Technology Center will coincide with both Weber’s tenth anniversary in North America and the silver anniversary year for Weber GmbH,” Scriven said.
The new construction is just one part of Weber’s worldwide investment, which also includes new construction and facility expansions in Germany. The total cost of Weber’s construction in 2005 and 2006 is between $12 and $15 million. NP