Bird repeller
Nixalite has introduced the Bird Buffer™, a machine that converts the liquid Fog Force into nano-particles which, when blown into the air at 90 mph, create an invisible haze that stays suspended in the air for about six hours. The machine is set on timers to dispense the haze periodically, but only when the birds are active. When used indoors, the Bird Buffer haze does not damage paint, an issue with fogging. The machine is produced by GBS, Inc. and marketed by Nixalite.
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Mepaco’s new Continuous Cookers are designed for continuous reliability when cooking pizza crumbles, meatballs, shrimp, rice, pasta, fruit, vegetables and a variety of portioned meats. From capacities of 50 pounds per hour, up to and exceeding 10,000 pounds per hour, Mepaco will custom-engineer the cooking solution your operation requires. Our Continuous Cookers are designed to give you what you need, when you need it: Direct / Indirect Steam, Oil / Water Immersion or Thermal Screw configurations. Our patented scraper design minimizes surface burn-on for efficient heat transfer. Mepaco cookers are designed in-house and built by our own ASME-certified welders. As a result, quality workmanship and expedited delivery can be expected. Food processors have relied on Mepaco for stuffing, grinding, blending and material-handling solutions for decades. Our Continuous Cookers are engineered with the same reliability that has been found in all Mepaco products since 1932.
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With an output capacity of up to 3.5 tons / 7,700 lb (depending on product and application) the dicing and strip-cutting machine TWISTER SP, manufactured by TREIF, covers the production needs of medium-sized and industrial meat processors. Depending on application, the machine can either be equipped with an easy-to-operate and reliable lift for E containers, a lift and tilt device for containers with a capacity of 200 lt., or an automatic product feeding conveyor to feed the product directly into the overhead hopper of the dicer. For the diced product discharge, there are a variety of solutions available.
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Pliant Engineered Films announces their Empower™ suite of technologies for source reduction in packaging. INsight™ sealant film allows converters and brand owners to print on the sealant layer, on the inside of a package, while eliminating a lamination pass. Synergy™ is a hybrid film with top performance traits that add stiffness and moisture-barrier properties to a package using less material. Endurance™, a thin-gauged monolayer sealant film, gives converters and brand owners the ability to maximize yield while maintaining a high-quality final product.
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Label-Aire has introduced the Label-Aire® Model 3111 HS. The label applicator can apply labels accurately up to 1,000 per minute.The system’s Air-Blow technology retains the label by vacuum on a honeycomb applicator grid. Peel tip sensing ensures repeatable label placement accuracy. The 3111 HS also features a DC Servo which allows the unit to handle up to 5,000 inches (12,700 cm) of web per minute at peak velocity. The 3111 HS can be mounted in almost any position adjacent to the production line to apply labels to the tops, sides or bottoms of products.
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Lift truck
Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp. has announced the introduction of their newly re-designed 4,500 lb. capacity electric walkie truck, the EJE 120. Built especially for the U.S. market, the EJE 120 provides users with the best turning radius available at 58.7 inches (short compartment version), a 24V-150Ah industrial battery with integrated charger, Jungheinrich’s propriety AC drive motor and controller technology, a superior fork tip design, and (as optional equipment) the Pro-Trac-Link high-performance stability caster system.
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Metal Detector
DuW Series Metal Detectors from Anritsu Industrial Solutions USA Inc. use  Dual Wave (DuW) Technology.  Dual Wave Technology is a simultaneous 2-frequency magnetic field detecting method, is extremely sensitive to all types of metals, including ferrous and stainless steel contaminants. The DuW Technology increases overall detection of metal contaminants with a significant improvement in stainless detection in most applications versus traditional single wave inspection technology. Other features include an automatic Set-Up Wizard for easy and accurate product set-up with minimal training, 30-second (no tool) conveyor disassembly for cleaning and a simple design that results in easy maintenance. Variable speed conveyors and numerous software-assignable I/Os come standard for line control purposes.
Anritsu Industrial Solutions USA Inc.,
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Stork Food Systems debuted its most recent innovation in the field of process heating, the high-capacity ModularOven, at the 2007 WWFE/AMI show at Chicago’s McCormick Place, Oct. 24-27. The ModularOven offers that degree of flexibility and control in the production process needed to finally create the perfect end product. The ModularOven allows the customer to select the method of preparation and capacity that fulfils their requirements.
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Product display
Multi Dimensional Resources has debut the FRESH System as a single destination center to show a range of product offerings that were previously shown in different displays. The modular system allows the marketer to display foods in displays of varying sizes and configurations to fit specific individual retailer needs. The shelves, available with a wire hook option for displaying packaged foods, can be used as shelf extenders on existing gondolas or affixed with suction cups to cold vault freezers, refrigerators or meat cases. The shelf facings offer integrated price channels and a 3-D shape to replicate brand logos.
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Mettler-Toledo Safeline, Inc. has introduced CaseChek – an X-ray inspection system providing detection of multiple contaminants for large conveyorized cartons, cases and loose products. Through the use of a 15-inch full-color touchscreen display, it provides real automatic setup software without the need for a keyboard. The system offers on-board diagnostics and a modular design for easy repair, supported by a spare parts inventory. The system uses a low energy technology, detecting and automatically rejecting a variety of contaminants. Utilizing a dual vertical X-ray beam, CaseChek inspect products for metal, stone, glass, bone and dense plastics at a rate of up to 100 feet per minute.
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Anritsu Industrial Solutions USA Inc.’s new KD7400 Series X-Ray Systems represents the third upgrade of Anritsu’s model. Anritsu’s system automatically detects metal contaminants as small as 0.5 mm sphere and 0.3 mm dia. X 2 mm long wire in a variety of applications. This system employs advanced sensor and image processing technology to automatically and simultaneously detect contaminants, underweight conditions and other packaging anomalies. A masking function allows items, such as clips on sausages and metallic packaging, to be ignored as they pass through the inspection system.
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