An Aberdeen, S.D., meatpacking plant set to open this fall is projected to boost the state's and region's economy by $10 billion in its first five years of operation, according to an economic impact study released Wednesday. Northern Beef Packers processing facility, which is under construction, initially will employ 560 workers and is expected to employ 660 by 2015, reports the Argus Leader.

The study was commissioned by the Aberdeen Development Corp. in partnership with the Governor's Office of Economic Development. It was prepared by Rod Bowling of AgriFoods Solutions International, a consulting company in the beef marketing and food production industries. Projections show that the facility will have a $1.1.billion economic effect this year, and an annual $2.5 billion after five years.

"It's going to take a lot of help from the community of Aberdeen and the tri-state area to help add infrastructure to this company," said AgriFoods' Rod Bowling, adding that eventually, Aberdeen will need more schools, housing and entertainment options.

Northern Beef Packers will be slaughtering about 463,000 beef cattle a year, says Steve Kaiser, director of public relations for the company.

Source: Argus Leader