Superior Farms continues its innovative development of value-added lamb products with a fall line-up of retail comfort food items. They include:

-           2.5lb pre-marinated cook-in-the-bag leg of lamb

-           1 lb lamb and beef pre-seasoned meatloaf mix in an oven ready tray

-           1 lb lamb and beef pre-seasoned classic stew

All items are developed to help make lamb an easy to prepare, flavorful, and most importantly, affordable dinner option. New research from the American Meat Institute shows that breaking these barriers in the mind of today’s shopper should lead to more lamb sales and consumer satisfaction. 

“We’re really showing the versatility of lamb with this product line,” said Angela Gentry, Superior Farms’ director of marketing. “What used to be just a special-occasion protein is really becoming an every day item that lends itself well to great, classic flavors.

Superior is using its cutting-edge packaging technology to assist consumers. “Our cook-in-the-bag leg is back by popular demand in a smaller size and retains great flavor,” said Gentry. “And the oven-ready tray for the meatloaf couldn’t be easier.”

All items are available to order. More information is available at

Source: Superior Farms