Superior Farms, the leading purveyor of farm-to-table American lamb, has debuted pre-cooked Lamb Meatballs with Feta cheese for its foodservice partners, to better serve the growing demand for lamb in the space. Lamb continues to be a top protein featured in foodservice, and Superior Farms Lamb Meatballs with Feta offer chefs a versatile, ethnic inspired product for appetizers or entrees that is sustainably raised by United States family ranchers. The premium meatballs, originally developed by one of Superior Farms dedicated and talented employee-owners with a culinary background, will be available to all facets of foodservice through national and regional distributors year-round starting in March.

“Superior Farms is proud to deliver a variety of premium choice lamb cuts with unparalleled taste and quality to culinary professionals,” said Anders Hemphill, vice president of marketing and brand strategy at Superior Farms. “Chefs continually recognize the superior flavor of American lamb and value our farm-to-table story, so we are excited to offer them an expanded portfolio of products that contribute to workflow efficiencies with our Mediterranean-inspired meatballs. You can taste the difference in quality in the very first bite, so we think they’ll love it for appetizers, pastas and other entrees.”

According to the American Lamb Board, an increasing number of American shoppers and culinary professionals prefer lamb raised on American soil for its locality, freshness and flavor profile. Superior Farms provides fresh, high-quality lamb raised by family ranchers with a strong commitment to animal wellbeing and stable environment. Respecting a nutrient rich land, maintaining a sustainable footprint and working with dedicated family ranchers who raise its flocks with the highest level of care are all core values that make Superior Farms the leading purveyor in American lamb.

Superior Farms’ pre-seasoned, pre-cooked meatballs made with American lamb, feta cheese, oregano and garlic, expands the brand’s existing foodservice portfolio with a nod to consumer interest in global flavors. Originally thought of as a protein for holidays or special occasions, adventurous millennials and other consumers enjoy having lamb for a change while dining out in growing numbers. Superior Farms makes it easy to offer a high-quality product with exceptional flavor and numerous health benefits.

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Source: Superior Farms