Perdue Farms, the fourth-generation family-owned U.S. food and agriculture company, has provided consumers with high-quality, premium protein for over 100 years and is now announcing the debut of its first-ever custom in-house seasoning: The Farmhouse Blend. Featuring a proprietary blend of herbs and spices, the company’s newest offering is a product consumers can use to elevate their fresh chicken dishes this grilling season.

The all-in-one blend combines the flavors of roasted garlic and herbs with the savory essence of umami to deepen the flavor and complement the protein so that no other seasonings are needed to serve up flavorful chicken this summer. 

“At Perdue Farms, we pride ourselves on providing customers with solutions in the kitchen – whether that is in the form of high-quality, premium protein raised with no antibiotics ever, or this new seasoning blend, which was developed fully in-house,” said Chris Perdue, vice president of direct-to-consumer marketing at Perdue Farms and fourth-generation Perdue family member. “Our Farmhouse Blend Seasoning takes the guessing game out of the perfect combination of spices and herbs to enhance the flavors of fresh chicken and will be a delicious staple for your meals this grilling season.”

Farmhouse Blend Seasoning is available now in 3.25-ounce bottles for $6.99 on alongside items from Perdue’s premium protein portfolio, including chicken, beef and pork, as well as seafood and side dish options.

Visit to learn more about The Farmhouse Blend and to explore Perdue Farms’ variety of prepared and frozen offerings.

Source: Perdue Farms