The Weaver brand is bringing nostalgia back to deli cases and family meals with the reintroduction of the Weaver Chicken Roll. For decades, the lunchmeat, made from 100 percent white meat chicken, had been a staple of favorite sandwiches, casseroles and holiday recipes before it became a mealtime memory. Prompted by online inquiries and consumer phone calls, the brand recognized the strong interest for the Chicken Roll's return.

"We are proud of the long-standing heritage of the Weaver brand and pleased that the Weaver Chicken Roll has become a part of families' mealtime traditions," said Harold Heinze, vice president of lunch meats, deli and hams for Tyson Foods, which makes Weaver brand products. "We will always enjoy hearing stories of fond childhood memories of the Weaver Chicken Roll and now as adults they can share the memory and same great taste with their own kids."

Recognized by its unique blue casing, the Weaver Chicken Roll continues to provide a savory taste to classic sandwiches, antipasto and salads. Beyond lunchtime meals, the versatile Weaver Chicken Roll can be sliced, diced or blended to be used as a flavorful meat ingredient in casseroles, soups, croquettes, omelets and numerous appetizers.

The Weaver Chicken Roll is currently available in Northeast markets and can be found at grocer's deli counters.

Source: Tyson Foods Inc.