Best Chicago Meat Co. has has acquired the intellectual property of the Moo & Oink brand including the Moo & Oink characters, web site and product recipes. The 150-year-old meat retailer declared bankruptcy earlier this year and was put up for Auction on Nov. 14.

Best Chicago Meat produces the Jemmburger and Glenmark brands of frozen burger patties and the Red Hot Chicago brand of Chicago-style hot dogs and Polish sausage. Robert Beavers, chairman and majority owner, said that the company plans to reinstate Moo & Oink products in the Chicago market and then look into expanding into new locations, such as Detroit and Atlanta, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. President and Chief Operating Officer Dave Van Kampen added that the company may expand Moo & Oink's product line to include barbecue sauce, seasonings and even vegetables.

Source: Chicago Sun-Times