Dietz & Watson has added to its ham line. The new All Natural Uncured Classic Dinner Ham offers that same off-the-bone flavor that Dietz & Watson customers have come to love – without the nitrates and with lower sodium than most other dinner hams.
This ham is uncured, prepared with sea salt and features flavor that makes a simple dinner a banquet. It is horizontally sliced and features a slight smoked flavor, and at about 6 pounds, the size is perfect for today’s busy household.
Dietz & Watson has been working hard to introduce this ham, starting with the Atlantic Coast – conducting high-end sampling events and couponing via the Internet and direct mail. While this ham was developed for markets in the West that have a reputation for more health-conscious consumers, it is taking Dietz & Watson’s home-base markets by storm – mainly because of the quality and flavor of the item combined with its attributes.
Source: Dietz & Watson