The QuickShip Flex™ is a fully functional, adjustable metal detector conveyor system that comes standard in a variety of aperture sizes, belt speeds and belt lengths. Meet your unique needs without the normal lead time of a custom-built system. Your QuickShip Flex™ metal detector conveyor system will ship within three business days.

Loma Systems is the leading engineering company when it comes to metal detection systems with over 120,000 installations worldwide. Not only do we offer traditional inspection systems, we offer an adjustable option without the cost or lead time of a custom-built system.

Our trademarked design, QuickShip Flex™, enables you to order a standard system equipped with features including a performance validation system, product registration photo eye and variable speed operation. The QuickShip Flex™ designs allows you to adjust standard dimensions to meet your unique needs, without any additional cost or lead time. Your system will ship within three business days. The QuickShip Flex™ is designed with our full color graphical touch screen control panel. Icon driven menus promote operator flexibility with a simple touch. The context sensitive help screen ensures compliance with standards f r testing and validation. Extensive time-stamped reporting capabilities assist with HACCP compliance.

All QuickShip Flex™ systems boast true variable frequency, operating between 40 and 900KHz. Exactly like our traditional metal detection systems, the QuickShip Flex™ selects the correct operating frequency in seconds, eliminating past performance restrictions caused by limited frequency detector heads. The metal detector head has a unique case and patented coil geometry that eliminates interference caused by vibration, electricity, case distortion and thermal shock.

Configure your QuickShip Flex™ metal detector conveyor system or order our standard configuration. Stay in control of your process so you can focus on meeting your production goals and protecting your brand.

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