Two new employee owners have joined Apache Stainless Equipment Corp.:  Dennis Buehring, V.P. of Sales & Marketing and Mark Nelson, Director of Engineering. 

“We are very pleased to have these two exceptional gentlemen join Apache Stainless and welcome them as new employee owners,” said Ed Paradowski, President.

Dennis Buehring has a well-established career with experience in professional sales management and engineering systems and methodologies in a manufacturing environment.  He is responsible for the sales and marketing of both the Apache and the Mepaco equipment brands. He is also accountable for developing and achieving long-term strategic and cohesive goals for the Apache Stainless Equipment Corporation. Buehring has established a successful track record with outstanding results; Apache Stainless Equipment Corporation is hoping for continued success. 

Mark Nelson came to Apache Stainless with a history of forging strong relationships with production workforces and with a robust experience in engineering practices and systems.  Nelson’s experience and technical knowledge make him well-equipped to establish and achieve long-term strategic goals for Apache Stainless. His knowledge and experience make him a valuable asset to Apache Stainless. 

“This position was open for over a year,” said Paradowski.  “We needed someone who strongly aligned with our leadership team and believed in our goals and future objectives.”