A proposed beef processing plant located in Mason Valley, Nev., is one grading permit away from starting construction, said the company’s CEO. Vincent Estell, president and CEO of Walker River Meat Processing, said that the company recently purchased additional water rights for the property and is awaiting its grading permit to move forward.

“Once we have that permit, we’re going to move forward and we won’t be stopping,” Estell told the Reno Gazette-Journal . “I anticipate groundbreaking in six to eight weeks.”

The project will consist of three separate Meat Processing Plants of approximately 300,000 square feet for cattle, hogs, & sheep/goats. The cattle plant will process 1,000 head of cattle per day expandable to 2,500; the hog plant will process 2,000 hogs per day expandable to 5,000; the sheep/goat plant will process 500 sheep and 500 goats per day expandable to 1,250. The plant will employ 450 to 700 jobs once it opens.

Source: Reno Gazette-Journal, Sierra Builders of Nevada