The packaging company Boxon in Helsingborg, Sweden continues to grow through acquisitions. With the ambition and aim to further broaden its overall offering in the field of packaging solutions, Boxon today acquired 70% of the Sweden-based label and systems company BEAB.

"With this acquisition, Boxon becomes a broad player with a unique offering to our customers," says Anders Yllfors, CEO of Boxon. "With BEAB we link together packing and labeling solutions, which many customers are asking for today. We are proud to join forces with such a well-run and successful company as BEAB. Along with the current owners, we will continue to build a leading labeling and traceability concept.”

With many years of experience in system integrated labeling solutions, BEAB becomes an important link into Boxon’s customer offering. Boxon already offers advanced product identification solutions, such as inkjet- and laser marking, through its business area Boxon Mark. With the acquisition of BEAB, this business area will increase by M€ 10 to a total turnover of M€ 18.

Ulf Nordgärd, CEO of BEAB, said, "With this transaction, we will have a wider and better offer to our customers. The development opportunities together with Boxon are both extensive and exciting. Not least, we will continue to grow in China, where both of us are already established. The collaboration will give birth to new customers and thus more jobs for both BEAB and Boxon.

BEAB has several customer relationships that have lasted for 20 years or more.

"I think we have always been reliable and faithful to our mission and therefore appreciated by customers," continues Nordgärd. "This will not change; we will only be part of a broader context with even more opportunities."