Bartels Packing, a Eugene, Ore. Beef packers, has filed a $10.1 million lawsuit against a labeling supplier, claiming that the equipment would not print accurate weight labels for its steaks and roasts. The company was forced to overstuff its packages to ensure that customers received the amount of meat that they paid for, reports The Register-Guard.

Chris Bartels, the owner of Bartels Packing, filed suit against Westmark Industries on Dec. 2 in Lane County ­Circuit Court. Bartels alleges that Westmark sold him software that was touted as being capable of accurately producing labels for meat packages of varying weights. But shortly after installing the MARKSnMORE system for nearly $50,000 in December 2012, Bartels found out that it didn’t work as promised, according to the suit.

A main problem, Bartels alleges, is that MARKSnMORE printed fixed-weight labels, regardless of a ­product’s actual weight. As a result, Bartels Packing added more meat than was necessary to ensure it was not shorting its customers, costing the company more than $10 million in losses.

Westmark did not respond to The Register-Guard’s requests for a comment.

Source: The Register-Guard