Larson Electronics LED light barThe LEDP10W-200E 200 watt, high intensity LED light bar is an extremely powerful and rugged lighting solution that gives operators in the most demanding environments the ability to illuminate large areas with maximum effectiveness. This industrial grade LED light bar produces 17,200 lumens of light output, yet uses only 200 watts of power at 16.7 amps of current draw on a 12 volt electrical system. This high power and extremely efficient operation makes this unit very well suited to applications such as commercial fishing and open pit mining where standard 120-240 VAC power sources are unavailable or impractical and power must be supplied by batteries, equipment, or portable power supplies such as battery banks or generators.

This industrial grade LED light features heavy duty construction designed to give the light the ability to withstand even the most abusive environmental and working conditions including -40 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius temperatures. The housing on this fixture is formed from heavy gauge extruded aluminum for light weight and high strength, and an unbreakable polycarbonate lens provides protection for the LED assembly from impacts, debris and moisture. The entire assembly is IP68 rated, meaning it can withstand prolonged submersion at three meters without any effect on performance, making it  impervious to the effects of driving rain, water spray under pressure, and areas of high humidity. The heavy duty construction of the housing on this LED light bar combined with the solid state design of the LED assembly also makes this light fixture extremely resistant to damage from heavy vibration and impacts, an added benefit for applications where the light is mounted to heavy equipment or industrial machinery. The LED assembly on this light features advanced LED drivers that allow the connection of dimmers and pulse controllers to produce a variety of operating functions including dimming, strobing and flashing effects. The emitters are CREE XLamp MC-E® units that have been chosen for their extreme high output and excellent reliability.

These LED lights measure 33 inches long by 4 inches high, giving them a long and low profile that makes mounting in tight spaces easy and practical. Mounting is through included aluminum mounting blocks equipped with rubber isolators for added vibration resistance that slide along the housing for added mounting versatility. These lights can operate on any voltage ranging from 9 to 46 VDC, making them an ideal lighting solution for commercial fishermen, large scale construction sites, military and law enforcement professionals, and anywhere high intensity lighting that can be run from vehicles or heavy equipment is needed.

“The LEDP10W-200E LED light easily outperforms 1000 watt metal halides while working on low voltage DC power,” said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics’  “These ruggedly constructed lights with watertight construction can withstand the salt, water, vibration and abusive weather conditions so often found while boating and fishing.”

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