Marel Townsend Further Processing displayed many new products and innovations at the IFFA Show, held this May in Frankfurt, Germany. The new developments from the company included:

RevoPortioner keeps developing
The latest model of the RevoPortioner was designed in such a way that a paper underleaver could be added at a later date with minor adjustments. At IFFA we are showing the RevoPortioner with paper underleaver and stacker, developed together with our partner, Sleegers. This extension places sheets of paper under portioned products as they exit the RevoPortioner and can even stack them, allowing further processors to automatically separate the layers of products. In addition to this, there is now also a 3D-drum available for the RevoPortioner, literally giving portioning an extra dimension.   In order to create even more possibilities with the RevoPortioner, we have lined it up with the ValueSpray for innovative marinating of portioned products. This seamless connection allows the in-line wet marinating of portioned products, even fragile ones. The combination of extremely accurate portioning and uniform distribution of marinade means savings on labor costs and ensures you will always have the same results.

Service with a smile
When you are in the business of producing high quality products on your Marel Townsend Further Processing line, you naturally want to make sure this level of quality is maintained or even improves. The Marel Service organization does exactly this with professionalism and the utmost care. We will make sure your production line keeps running optimally and remains competitive – something that only the original manufacturer can offer. Our telephone helpdesk is always available for first line service support or advice from one of our Service Coordinators or Service Area Managers. We offer Service Agreements, which ensure that your machines always receive the highest attention, which is required to operate at an optimal level. We do that by using high quality spare parts for optimal performance of your equipment. The specially selected original (OEM) parts with their proven performance support us in making Marel your first choice in providing the right service with the right part on the Marel Townsend Further Processing application.

Marel Townsend co-extrusionCoex Skin and MasterLink for the perfect fresh sausage
When it comes to sausage-making, nothing can beat the efficient, accurate equipment from Marel Townsend Further Processing, which is attracting a great deal of attention on the Marel stand. The new and improved CoexSkin is a machine for high production speeds and even better product quality through co-extrusion technology.  Savings in casings and production are truly revolutionary, giving you a consistent end product at all times. Due to the superior adhesion of the casing, sausages remain straight, exhibit very little shrinkage and retain moisture well, giving you a juicy, tasty sausage. As well as the Coex Skin, we also showed the MasterLink on our stand. The MasterLink can be used to produce fresh sausages with natural, alginate or collagen casings without a twist. A constant length and weight are guaranteed by this in-line portioner. It is installed after the filling pump and cuts a continuous stream of fresh sausage to a preset fixed length. It can also be placed behind the CoexSkin as a cutter, called the TurboLink. The machine ensures an attractive “natural” round shape at the end of each sausage regardless of the type of casing used, with great savings on casings. 

Sausage production with the FreshLinker and ModularLoader
In addition to our Coex Skin and MasterLink for sausages without a twist, the Marel stand was the place to be in order to see our linker for sausages with a twist at both ends and our automated sausage tray loading system. The FreshLinker is a unique, integrated sausage linker that is part of a modular system that forms an entire sausage production line from the filling pump through to the loading, which can be seen on our stand, where it is linked to a ModularLoader. Instead of loading, sausages coming out of the FreshLinker can also automatically be hung for cooking or smoking, a joint development with Risco. It is an efficient machine that makes sausages with a twist at both ends and is also very accurate, producing sausages of an identical weight and length. IFFA visitors to the Marel stand have also been wowed by our ModularLoader. This is a completely automated continuous sausage tray loading system. It is a fully automatic fresh sausage loader that can handle a broad range of curved and straight sausages, including natural casing sausages. The ModularLoader ensures perfect product presentation and its high degree of automation contributes to the quality of the end product.

Perfect meatballs
Those lucky enough to taste the filled meat balls served at the stand were impressed by their constant size and shape as well as the ‘homemade’ look. The meatballs were made on our MeatBall Portioner, an innovative new meatball portioning machine. With its digital controls via a touch screen and its simple design, it is both easy to operate and easy to clean. This ensures savings in labor costs and the highest levels of food hygiene. The finished product can be seamlessly placed into a tray with the addition of an optional tray loader.