Marel Townsend Further ProcessingMarel Townsend Further Processing has authored a white paper about portioning technology. Titled “Texture determines the sensory quality,” the paper discusses how low-pressure portioning keeps the structure of the protein mass and texture of the end product intact. The company says that the knowledge it gained from years of research into portioning was applied in its low-pressure RevoPortioner.

Texture determines to a large extent the sensory qualities of a product, such as bite, cohesiveness and tenderness,” the paper states. “Maintaining the structure of the meat is the key to success in maintaining the texture. The influence of temperature and viscosity is enormous and, as such, it is vital that these parameters are controlled during the portioning process.”

“Marel Townsend Further Processing’s low-pressure portioning technology puts the end product’s quality at the center; the end product dictates the technology and, thus, the method used,” it continues. “The original protein mass structure and texture of the end product is respected with an optimum, client-specific end product, produced in an optimal process as the end result.”

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