Foodmate halving machineThe Foodmate OPTI FH Cross-Cut Halving Machine provides a highly efficient cross cut front half, significantly reducing the amount of tipped keels and miscuts.

Using two blades instead of one large blade gives a straighter cut across the hips and provides more control over the number of ribs that stay attached to the front half. With the Foodmate Halving Machine, there is no need for a pre-cutter.

The OPTI FH Cross-Cut can run both on 12-inch and 8-inch centers, and it can process a large variation in bird sizes without adjustment.

Its versatility allows the machine to be installed on current line configurations or newly constructed Frame and Flex Lines. The OPTI FH Cross-Cut provides increased dark meat yield, does not cut into keel tip, and the cut can be adjusted to help increase leg quarter yield. Its simple construction has no belts which simplifies maintenance.

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