Oscar Mayer announced five new hot dog innovations, all created to answer the hot dog hankerings of a wide range of consumers.


Consumers nationwide will be able to purchase two new Oscar Mayer hot dogs perfect for the summer grill, including the Bacon Dog. This high-flavor hot dog is the first bacon hot dog on the market, and it is made with some of the best hardwood-smoked, authentic Oscar Mayer bacon. Additionally, Oscar Mayer is bringing back its famous Smokies of the past. The new Oscar Mayer Smokies Smoked Sausages will be sold in full 14-ounce, eight-count packages. They are made with coarse ground pork and beef, and smoked with hardwood. Furthermore, Oscar Mayer is adding to its line of Selects hot dogs. The new Chicken Breast Hot Dog will continue with the Selects tradition of using no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors. The Chicken Breast Hot Dog is made with high-quality chicken breast, contains no added hormones and is completely gluten-free. Lastly, Oscar Mayer has re-branded its 98% Fat Free Wieners and Light Beef Franks as Extra Lean Franks and Lean Beef Franks, respectively. The new Lean and Extra Lean Franks are full bun-length, and they include lean cuts of quality meat, so customers can feel better about what they’re eating while not sacrificing taste or authenticity.