The first federally inspected meat processing plant in Wyoming has opened in Cody. Wyoming Authentic Products specializes in steaks, jerky, meat sticks and hot dogs, all made of meat sourced from Wyoming ranchers, reports KULR News, an NBC affiliate.

The CEO of Wyoming Authentic Products, David Fales said, "Our products are sourced by individual ranches. All of the premium beef products that we serve to restaurants, every case has the name of the ranch in Wyoming that it comes from."

The plant was built with the assistance of Forward Cody, Wyoming’s business council and the city of Cody. Previously, ranchers would have to have their cattle slaughtered in Colorado and processed in Montana before being sold within the state, according to Forward Cody. The cattle are still slaughtered in Colorado but are now able to be processed in-state.

The CEO of Forward Cody, James Klessens said, "You know where those beef cattle come from. We know the ranch that they came from. We know exactly what they were fed. We know how they were handled throughout the process. So, when David came to us with his marketing background and his marketing message in mind, we felt this is something we could subscribe to, and we could participate in."

Fales said the meat is sold in restaurants and health food stores in Big Sky, Jackson, Colorado, and on the Internet.

Sources: Forward Cody, KULR News