Pacproinc sausage patty stackerPacproinc introduces a new solution for packaging frozen breakfast sausage patties.  The system automates the traditional layerpack packaging format that places a group of sliced sausage patties onto a piece of paper and then stacks the layers to the desired count.  The system is capable of processing up to 8 lanes or 26” in total product width.  It interfaces directly with high speed slicing equipment and can process up to 120 rows of product per minute.  The system features servo technology and PLC control to make setup and changeover quick and easy and, as with all of our solutions this system is supported by our 24x7 service department.  Whether your current equipment is obsolete, unsupported or you’re looking to reduce your costs and increase your production, this system can help.  Contact us at to discuss your application. 

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