V-RAM pumps systemsV-RAM PUMPS is pleased to announce new ownership. V-RAM Pumps has been purchased by its employees Wayne Soost and Donald Bell. Wayne and Don have over 50 years’ combined experience with V-RAM and are dedicated to continuing the high quality and customer service that V-RAM is known for. With the new ownership it is our pleasure to also announce two new product lines available from V-RAM. The new Semi-Unflowable Pumping System is offered for transporting mechanically de-boned residue to rendering or truckload out. The Semi-unflowable is specifically sized to work with most mechanical de-boning systems and designed to help prevent bridging of the material. V-RAM is also now offering the new Low-Flow Pumping System to handle smaller volumes on the process floor. The Low-flow pumping system is also designed to save on floor space. PROVEN, DURABLE, RELIABLE!

V-RAM PUMPS: 888-373-3996 or visit www.vram.com